Good ratings, new programs bode well for hospital’s future

Last week’s article on St. Vincent’s Blount focused on providing a profile description of the hospital, and questioning management on issues related to personnel and St. Vincent’s long-term commitment to the Blount County hospital. Questions remain on personnel matters. The corporation’s commitment to the Blount County facility appears by all reasonable standards to be strong. This article focuses on two […]

Snead combines, refinances loans to save $100,000

The Snead Town Council agreed with member Jack Freeman Monday night, voting to consolidate and refinance loans to save a reported $112,171.21 over the next five years. In their April 8 meeting councilmen had accepted a $350,000 loan bid from the town’s HomeTown Bank branch. Freeman compared then town’s new loan – at 3.5 percent interest – as opposed to […]

Bringing the heat

‘Don’t let the payment exceed the pavement’

This is the first of a series of articles on the county’s four administrative/geographic districts, based on interviews with the county commissioner for each: District 1 – Allen Armstrong; District 2 – Carthal Self; District 3 – Dean Calvert; and District 4 – Gary Stricklin. It will focus specifically on problems – not because they’re unusually prevalent – but because […]

Arts Council will stage Hansel and Gretel

The fairy-tale opera Hansel and Gretel will make its longawaited appearance on Saturday May 4, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May, 5, at 2 p.m. at Eris Horton Auditorium at Oneonta High School. Filled with lush music and beautiful singing, Hansel and Gretel is often called a perfect “first” opera for those who are new to opera. The production features […]

Shedd sworn in


Better bone up on I-9 form; it can be a bear

special dispatch from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System If someone told you to do something because your job depended on it, you would probably sit up and and take notice, right? That’s what this article forwarded to The Blount Countian by the Extension System and condensed here, is telling you. As it turns out, your job very well may depend […]

‘Tax Freedom’ may not be so free

Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Auburn University According to the conservative Tax Foundation, April 5 was “Tax Freedom” day in Alabama. That is the day when Alabamians no longer paid every dime they earned to local, state, and federal governments. Theoretically, after that day we were free to spend all we earn any way we choose. As might be expected in […]




Highlights of the lowlights

As the 2013 regular legislative session winds down, let us review some highlights. One of the highlights was a lowlight. It did not happen on the floor of the House but late at night at a Mobile legislator’s home while he was on his computer responding to emails. The email he responded to was a generic letter sent by a […]