Ala 75 bridge now open

With crews working around rainy weather, the Ala 75 bridge just north of Oneonta finally opened this week. RaCon Inc. began working on the $4.4 million project in August 2011. “The plan went smoothly without any unforeseen issues arising and no safety problems being reported,” said Gary Smith, district manager of the Alabama Department of Transportation for Blount County. Now, […]

Officials share thoughts on separating top county job into two positions

On Monday, Feb. 11, at its monthly business meeting, the Blount County commission unexpectedly passed a motion to separate the top executive job in county government – long combined into a single position – into two separate positions: Probate Judge and Commission Chairman. It wasn’t an unheard of proposition – it’s been discussed on and off for a couple of […]

The face of determination

Oneonta council challenges state law and authority

At its most recent meeting, the Oneonta City Council passed two resolutions: one seeks changes in present state law, and the other appears to challenge that law’s legitimacy. The first asks local state lawmakers to have Blount removed as one of the three counties whose municipalities with populations of 1000 or more are excluded from holding their own alcohol legalization […]

Shedd, Alldredge face off in District 11 runoff

As the top two vote getters in the Feb. 12 primary election for the District 11 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives, Randall Shedd of Fairview will face Danny Alldredge of Holly Pond in the March 26 Republican primary runoff election. Shedd led all candidates with 47 percent (1800 votes), followed by Alldredge, who polled 23 percent (863 votes). […]

Slow down and get it right


Sometimes good ideas come along at bad times. Sometimes bad ideas look pretty good at first glance. And sometimes, no matter when it comes or what it looks like, a bad idea is simply that…a bad idea. Time will tell if last week’s last-minute, off-the-cuff, shoot-from-thehip agenda addition to split the probate judge/commission chairman job is a good idea or […]

Crimes of opportunity

Over the past few weeks, 10 vehicle burglaries have occurred in Oneonta, and Oneonta Police Chief James Chapman attributes the crimes to the owner’s carelessness. “Ten car burglaries in two or three weeks is a highly unusual number of occurrences in Oneonta,” Chapman said. “However, they are all crimes of opportunity.” According to Chapman, all 10 incidences involved unlocked vehicles […]

No change in revenues


Despite two significant groups of people being admitted for free to the Blount County basketball tournament this year, the tournament collected $35 more than seven years ago when Cleveland last hosted the tournament, according to Cleveland High School principal Denise Martin. Cleveland High School made the decision to allow all Blount County basketball players and Blount County Board of Education […]

Snead and Crossroads Cruisers part ways

Speaking with The Blount Countian and later to his council, Snead Mayor Curtis Painter announced the Crossroads Cruisers will not hold their usual car show in association with the town’s annual August picnic. Painter indicated that Crossroads spokesman Danny Bailey had held fast to his position that the town sign an agreement with the Cruisers in order to continue the […]

GOP redistricting approved


It is amazing how fast a year flies by, especially the older you get. This week marks the end of the first one-fifth of 2013. There are a potpourri of political happenings that have occurred recently, which we will discuss today. We are entering the opening days of the 2013 regular session of the Legislature. Just prior to the beginning […]