Tax increase voted down

Last week, a 5-mill tax increase for the city of Oneonta was voted down by one vote with 293 “no” votes and 292 “yes” votes. The tax referendum was advocated by Oneonta Supt. Scott Coefield and the Oneonta City Board of Education with the intention to fund One- Vision, an initiative to technologically improve Oneonta’s school system. Oneonta resident and […]

Water rescue in Ricetown area

(left) as Blount County deputy Mark Staton rescues a stranded motorist who started to cross the flooded approach to James Creek and ventured off the pavement into deeper water. Winter wonderland, Mt. High area in west Blount County. Pretty, but downed limbs and trees blocking driveways were one of the storm’s major consequences. (photos special to The Blount Countian)

Mitchell merit board case ends without appeal

Former county administrator Ralph Mitchell will not appeal the decision of the Blount County Merit Board to Blount County Circuit Court, Mitchell’s attorney Greg Reid said Monday. The merit board had ruled on Dec. 21 to dismiss Mitchell, upholding the Blount County Commission’s termination of his employment in September. Monday was the deadline to appeal the merit board ruling. “I […]

First it rained, then it snowed, then it turned kinda cold

We can argue about whether it’s caused by global warming or not, but its beyond debate that we’ve had some big time changeable weather for the last 10 days. First came the rain – 40 days and 40 nights would be an exaggeration, but it seemed like that long. The records say it started Sunday, Jan. 13, then rained more […]

Lydia Haynes candidate for District 11 state representative


This is the fourth of five profiles of candidates running for District 11 of the State House of Representatives. This is the last of the Republican candidates. Remaining is the profile of Democratic candidate Kelly Evans, which will appear near the time of the general election. District 11 includes about one-fourth of Blount County, lying along its northern and western […]

Wet/dry vote still big topic for Oneonta in 2013

The wet/dry issue isn’t going away, at least for the City of Oneonta. On Nov. 7, Blount County voted down the alcohol referendum. However, the citizens of Oneonta voted in favor of going wet with 1393 “yes” votes and 1031 “no” votes. In Alabama, if a municipality in a dry county has more than 1000 citizens, a alcohol referendum can […]

Chamber luncheon set today at Twin Oaks


The first 2013 meeting of the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce kicks off its new format today by breaking with the breakfast tradition of several years standing. The meeting today, Jan. 23, is a luncheon scheduled for 12 noon at Twin Oaks at Heritage Green. Also, the meeting will feature a 30-minute presentation by executives of the Birmingham Business Alliance […]

Snow day with EMA

On Thursday afternoon, while the rest of Blount County headed home to snuggle under a blanket and watch the snow fall, two men were located in a corner of the Blount County Courthouse working double time. During the first major winter event of the season, Blount County EMA director Max Armstrong and Blount Count EMA deputy director Doug Smith, were […]


The American Legion and the “3 Hots and a Cot” program would like to thank Hometown Market and its patrons for their continuous support of our homeless veterans. Edward Herd American Legion

Butchered trees

Our trees were trimmed courtesy of our power company. We have Leyland Cypress trees that were planted for their benefits to our air quality. Planting trees is the current strategy to reduce frequency of airborne virus among chickens in a flock. There is evidence of transmission of IBV over a distance of 1200 yards. Our breeder farm was affected by […]