Four charged after school vandalized

Three students and one former student from Susan Moore High School are charged with criminal mischief 1st degree and burglary 3rd degree in relation to vandalism at the school, according to Investigator Robert DePaemelaere of the Blount County Sheriff’s Department. Two suspects are 18 years old and will be charged as adults. The two others, ages 17 and 16, are […]

CASA Playhouse auction set Nov. 11

by Ron Gholson Blount County CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children) will hold an auction of seven playhouses built by volunteer groups as a fund-raising project for the organization that provides volunteer courtroom advocacy for children in foster care. The auction will be held Sunday, Nov. 11, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the parking lot along Ala 75 […]

‘… God wanted me to do it.’

On April 15, Shawn Hazelrig will celebrate her 40th birthday by running the Boston Marathon. Hazelrig has never ran in a marathon before, but this particular one is close to her heart. She is running on the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Team in honor of her mother-in-law, Becky Hazelrig, who is afflicted with the disease, a type of blood cancer. […]

Plenty of choices on next week’s ballot

The Nov. 6 election ballot this year presents voters with a wide array of choices to be made – from national to state to county offices, plus a a virtual buffet of constitutional amendments to puzzle over. We’ll try to prepare you below for the offices and amendments you’ll be faced with on Tuesday next week. FRONT OF BALLOT National […]

Solving the mystery of Station 13

Halloween is the perfect setting for a good ghost story. This is no different for those working at the Oneonta Fire Department, and throughout the years Station 13 in Limestone Springs has been the place for many ghost tales. Firefighters and paramedics at Station 13 have different viewpoints on why weird occurrences happen in that building. Some superstitious individuals say […]

Wet, dry, freedom

The upcoming vote is not the question. The decision is about every citizen’s right to freedom. I don’t care if this county is wet or dry, alcohol can be purchased in any direction one might travel. The decision is about my right to choose what is best for me. As a legal, taxpaying citizen of this county, I have been […]

No to alcohol and its destruction

I read with interest the advertisement “end prohibition.” The absurdity of the statements is beyond comprehension. “If I go to Krispy Kreme and purchase doughnuts, I will not eat one if I live 10 minuets away.” Tell that to a child after you go through McDonalds. “You can’t eat your french fries because we are only 10 minutes from home.” […]

History 102

There was a letter in The Blount Countian a few weeks ago from one of the opponents of alcohol sales. The letter was purportedly a history lesson for Blount County. Abraham Lincoln, one of history’s most famous teetotalers, was quoted as a reason to vote NO to alcohol. However, just like many things we are against in this campaign for […]

My Yes to Wet

Anyone who goes to the polls to cast a “no” vote on alcohol sales will be very hypocritical if you are also casting a ballot to fire president Obama because you feel he is imposing too much government control in your life. Opponents of Obamacare claim it takes away a person’s “right to choose what is in their own best […]

On the wet/dry issue

One day without a pill gives that pill popper courage to change. One day without a gun in hand gives that crook the ability to change. One day without a drink gives that drunk self-esteem to change. There are those in this county that want liquor money to pad their pockets because: They are greedy. Not because they are concerned […]