Biggest party in Blount County!

That’s how Blount County – Oneonta Agribusiness Center director Keith Hamby describes the Blount County Fair, scheduled for Sept 18 – 22 this year. That’s next week, folks – starting Tuesday afternoon at 5 p.m. (and each afternoon thereafter) and running through Saturday at 11 p.m. or whenever the last partyers leave! Don’t miss the fun. Below are some reasons […]

Commission confirms county administrator termination

In a packed commission boardroom at the courthouse last Thursday morning, the Blount County Commission upheld its vote of Aug. 21 to terminate the employment of county administrator Ralph Q. Mitchell, following a roughly 90-minute session. The motion to terminate was made by Commissioner Dean Calvert and seconded by Commissioner Andy Neill. The vote was the same as the original […]

Gregg Armstrong sworn in as revenue commissioner

District 34 primary turns into free-for-all

Six candidates, all Republicans, have qualified for the special election for District 34 State Representative. The election is being held Oct. 23 to fill the seat vacated by Elwyn Thomas who retired Aug. 31. The last day to register for the primary, if you are not already registered, is Oct. 12. The runoff election, if needed in the event no […]

Readers write

Charmed cobra

Alcohol is like a charmed cobra coming after our young people, middle-aged, and old people. We need to kill the snake. Stand with us against alcohol sales in our stores. It is poisonous and deadly, looking for prey. “At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder,” a quote from the Bible. Remember the health problems […]

Help me understand

The alcohol sales referendum in Blount County will probably once again be on the November ballot, I am sorry to say. I do not understand some people’s logic for wanting to sell and tax alcohol, in my opinion, it will not help the schools, the learning environment, or roads. It will not improve the quality of the teachers, which I […]

Constitutional amendment election set for Sept. 18

The election set for Sept. 18 will be to vote yes or no on a proposed statewide amendment to transfer $437 million over three years ($145.8 per year) from the Alabama Trust Fund to the state General Fund in order to balance three successive fiscal year budgets while continuing the activities of state government departments without major cutbacks in levels […]


TOWN OF NECTAR FUN DAY The town of Nectar will sponsor a “Fun Day” Saturday, Oct. 6, at Nectar Ballpark on state highway 160 in Nectar from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. There will be music, food, arts and crafts, plenty of games, and inflatables. Phone Nectar town hall at 559-7780 for more information. ‘FIX YOUR MAMA’ has a new […]


To borrow or not to borrow

A good many of you have asked me to weigh in on the oil and gas money diversion referendum next Tuesday. As most of you know, I do not endorse or disavow issues or candidates. My purpose is to inform and entertain you as to the goings on in the world of Alabama politics. Therefore, allow me to explain this […]

Severe weather approaching

In today’s fast-paced society, chances are someone’s cell phone is never out of reach. If it’s not in a purse or a pocket, it’s within grabbing distance, and this could be a positive thing when it comes to knowing when severe weather is close to home. Saf-T-Net allows Alabama residents to receive weather-related text messages directly to their cell phone, […]