Texting ban begins

Texting while driving is no longer something to LOL about. As of today, Alabama becomes the 38th state to enforce a texting ban. Drivers caught using their cellular device to text will be fined $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense, and $75 for the third and subsequent offenses. Additionally, each conviction deducts two points off the […]

D&R Barbecue voted Best Burger in Blount County

For the second time, the JB Burger from D&R Barbecue in Trafford has been named the best burger in Blount County. Husbandand wife owners Dan and Rebecca Barrett say they were surprised to learn they had received the title again, but the duo were more prepared than last time in 2009 when they won and didn’t even know they had […]

Hicks joins Oneonta board; bus purchase discussed

During the Oneonta Board of Education meeting on Monday evening a new face was welcomed to the board after Robbie McAlpine turned in his letter of resignation. “Robbie is very busy and will be away the next few weeks,” said superintendent Scott Coefield. “He saw this as an opportunity to bring in our new board member.” Coefield thanked McAlpine for […]

Mining suspended at Rosa Mine; MCoal future plans uncertain

MCoal Corporation, founded in 2008 to reopen and mine metallurgical coal at the Rosa Mine location in central Blount County, idled its operation at the site in May this year. It has not resumed mining since, and as far as can be determined from calls to the parent company, Novadx of Vancouver, British Columbia, has no definite plans to reopen […]

Anatomy of a safety net


It’s an agency with an impact proportionally much greater than its size: 34 total employees in Blount County. But its reach extends to virtually all age, ethnic, and socio-economic groups throughout the county, primary among them children, the elderly, the poverty-stricken, the neglected, and abused. The purpose of this article is to give readers an idea of the range of […]

New storm shelters installed

During the July council meeting, Mayor Jerry Jones announced that the installation of the town’s two new storm shelters had begun. The shelters, which are connected to each other, are located at the town park. Jones also announced that the town will host an Open House at some point in the next several weeks so that citizens can have the […]

Rosa has municipal qualifiers, as well

Last week, The Blount Countian omitted Rosa’s municipal qualifiers. Mayor – A.D. “Andy” Ellis Council Place 1 – Gary S. Whited Council Place 2 – Jeff Todd Council Place 3 – Ann Stephens Council Place 4 – Nancy Caffee Council Place 5 – Sherry Smith


In the article “Anti-alcohol interests gird for possible referendum” that appeared in the July 18 edition of the paper, we reported a figure of $23.5 billion annually as the national cost of cleaning up alcohol-related problems. Speaker Joe Godfrey, who used the figure in his presentation, notified The Blount Countian that the correct figure is $223.5 billion nationally as the […]


President? Expect a close race

As we enter the dog days of summer, the race for President presses onward at a steady pace. It will be a close contest in the fall. Barack Obama won four years ago because of the economy and if he loses in November it will be due to the economy. It will not be a contest here in the Heart […]

Breast cancer doesn’t discourage faithful doctor

Dr. Wanda Detiege Lee believes death only comes once someone has given up, and giving up is not an option for her. After being diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer in February 2012, Lee wanted to take an aggressive approach in tackling the cancer. Her oncologist agreed and that aggressiveness has paid off. “The tumor board, which is all the […]