Self defeats Neill for District 2 commissioner Head to head

In last week’s runoff election, Carthal Self defeated incumbent Andy Neill for the job of District 2 commissioner. The final vote tally was Self – 663, Neill – 624. Neill had been appointed in late 2010 to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Robert Bullard, who died while in office. Self will assume office in November of this year. […]

Snead hears again of Lee Ridge Drive problems

Lying dormant for a time, the Lee Ridge Drive controversy raised its head again at the latest Snead Town Council meeting. Drive resident David Wise, who has appeared before the council previously concerning the matter, calmly asked the council again to patch and repave the road. Lee Ridge developer Terry Stover, residents, and the town have wrangled over the matter […]

Wallace State offers classes at Hayden, Pennington high schools


Wallace State Community College will offer a dozen different evening courses this summer at Hayden and J.B. Pennington High schools. Courses are open to high school students on a dual-enrollment basis, according to Dr. Dale Palmer, director of extended learning at Wallace State, but are actually designed for adults and other non-traditional students who may take the courses conveniently close […]

Reader writes

Thanks to honest person

On Friday 13th of April, I had left Walmart and gone downtown. When I reached back to get my purse, it was not there. I rushed back to Walmart and the manager said a lady had found it in a grocery cart and turned it in. Everything was still intact. I would like to say “thank you” to this lady. […]

Northern beltline

Hilson: ‘easily biggest impact... we’ll ever see’

Alabama needs a new governor

I went to a meeting several years ago where David Bronner, chief executive of the Retirement Systems of Alabama, launched a blistering attack on tightwad state government, saying that the state’s decision to weld shut its purse strings was depriving Alabamians of vital services. Bronner said the accumulated consequences of such stinginess is hampering economic development and quality of life […]

Council again hires part-time library clerk

City of Oneonta

For the third time in five months, the Oneonta City Council hired a part-time library circulation clerk. The council named Sylvia Guzman to the post she held until December 2011. City librarian Gail Sheldon says of the changes that one clerk retired, one left due to family issues, and one left to start her own business. Councilman Hal Buckelew indicated […]

Alabama Scene

Coming to ‘strange’ conclusions

The Internal Revenue Service says Class III gaming “consists of card games played against the house, slot machines, dog and horse racing, jai alai, and all other types of casino gaming.” So what are those machines with bells, whistles, and flashing lights at the three Poarch Creek Indian Casinos in Alabama? Go to the question site and Class III […]

Beason wins bronze

Forage Basics series continues

by Dan Porch The third and final class in the Forage Basics series will be conducted on Thursday, May 17, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Frank Green Building auditorium. The program will focus on weed and insect control in forage production. Producers growing forage for cattle, goats, sheep, or horses understand the need to control weed and insect pests. […]