The peculiar perversity of unintended consequences

The immigration law, whatever its final outcome, is producing dire unintended consequences. Five examples taken from Blount County Revenue Commissioner Chris Green’s experience with renewals of car tags and mobile home registrations illustrate some of the worst heart-rending cases. The issue is the need for a citizen to produce proof of citizenship, unavailable for various reasons, thus preventing an otherwise […]

Veterans Day Parade 2011

Veterans Day Parade 2011 last Saturday morning featured 57 entries with more than 200 participants and a full panoply of organizations from the Patriot Riders motorcycle club, to the Shriners Hillbilly truck, to marching bands, Boy and Girl Scouts, military units in marching order, and the Sons of Confederacy in full dress regalia. Heading the parade was the float (above), […]


Interim principals named at Cleveland and Susan Moore

The Blount County Board of Education named Chris Pullen interim principal at Susan Moore High School and Randy Walker interim principal at Cleveland Elementary. In a related move, the board named Phillip Hazelrig interim director of the Blount County Learning Center at Cleveland. Pullen was the assistant principal at Susan Moore High while Walker had been director of the Learning […]

New book on Champion Mines history available at museum Blountsville to cut ribbon at fire station

A new, 214-page soft-cover book detailing the history of Champion Mines is now for sale at Blount County Memorial Museum. Entitled Champion Mines: Our Fathers Mines, it is available in a limited printing for $20. The Birmingham Mineral Railroad was built in 1889 as a branch of the L&N to remove ore from the mines to iron furnaces in the […]

A wonderful person

It is almost impossible to put into words how absolutely devastating the loss of Jane Hill is. With that being said, I will try. While not having Jane here with us at the paper is a major loss, the bigger loss is to each of her family, friends, and coworkers. Jane was a rarity in that she was a truly […]

How big is your heart?

For more than 6000 Alabama children who are in foster care, the holidays will bring a new set of challenges. These children wonder, “Will Santa know to bring my toys to this house?” For teens, the awkwardness of having a holiday meal and practicing holiday traditions in a strange home will be felt deeply. These children need loving, warm families […]

Prepare for 30-second test

“REMINDER: This is a test, not a real-life event. “We want people to be aware but not panicked!” With that, Blount County Emergency Management Agency’s Doug Smith reminds newspaper readers of what’s already all over TV: The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System takes place this afternoon, Nov. 9, at 2 p.m. and at last count will last […]

Landmark tree comes down


A credit line was accidentally omitted from Beth Maynor Young’s marvelous photo of Double Trouble Shoals on the Locust Fork River. The photo – minus the promised credit line – appeared in the Oct. 26 edition’s review of Maynor’s art photography book entitled Headwaters: a Journey on Alabama Rivers. We are sorry to have omitted the credit line on the […]

Alabama Scene

Fungible ethics

Now that the college football games are getting down to “crunch time,” the state’s new ethics law becomes more of a talking point. At Bryant-Denny Stadium last week the sticker price for a ticket to the LSU/Bama game was $75, but many lucky ticket holders were selling their seats at prices in the thousands of dollars. Were some of the […]