Guilty plea for man who shot at officers

An Oneonta man pleaded guilty last week to shooting at law enforcement officers during a March incident in the Hoods Crossroads community. Alberto Flores, 29, pleaded guilty to attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer, assault (first degree), obstruction of justice, attempting to elude police, prohibited person in possession of a firearm, and burglary (second degree). The attempted murder […]

Snead adopts county plan, opens bids

Following a 6 p.m. scheduled public hearing on the Blount County Hazard Mitigation Plan, the Snead Town Council adopted that detailed plan for use by the town as well. Although no one ever actually announced the hearing, no one asked to speak either. Councilors did solicit statements from FEMA representatives attending, but those representatives indicated they had come for more […]

Summer has begun!

Oneonta declares June 9 ‘Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day’

With Daniel Robertson and his mother Darlene present, Oneonta Mayor Darryl Ray read a proclamation declaring June 9, 2011, “Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day.” Robertson, who suffers from the malady, and his mother have sought to inform the public and healthcare providers of the illness, which afflicts between three and four persons in each million. In declaring the day, Ray and […]

‘With love from Afghanistan’

I just subscribed for a year while in Afghanistan. It is comforting to be able to look on the web and find information about my hometown and neighboring towns. I look forward to seeing what’s going on in good Ole Blount County in the next several months. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as I keep Blount […]

The bookworm sez

Ever By My Side

Ever By My Side by Dr. Nick Trout, c.2011, Broadway Books, $24.99 / $27.99 Canada, 309 pages. Pictures don’t lie – at least not the ones taken of you as a child. As you look through old albums, you have so many memories. There you are in your crib with a kitten, both of you curled up asleep. There you […]


As a member of the Oneonta community for 23 years, I have always loved being here. I buried my husband here, my kids went to school here, and I have never wanted to be anywhere else, until I saw the real spirit of some of the people here. In the aftermath of the recent storms, I expected our community as […]

Tips for better eating

Give kids whole-grain cereals for breakfast, kidfriendly “white” whole-wheat bread for sandwiches, crunchy whole-grain crackers for snacks, and wholegrain pastas for dinner. Eat more fruits and vegetables at every meal. At breakfast, enjoy fresh or frozen berries on cereal, slices of melon or a glass of 100 percent orange juice; at lunch, serve baby carrots or sliced apples; for dinner, […]

Alabama Scene

Riley’s chickens coming home to roost

At the same time former Gov. Bob Riley was trying to duck having to take the witness stand under oath in a trial he is largely responsible for instigating, he found out that his successor had halted payments on the questionable $13 million computer contract Riley had authorized to an out-of-state firm called Paragon Source when he held office. The […]

A significant corner back when

Bynum Brothers was the name of the general merchandise store owned and operated before the Great Depression by Porter, Ollie, and Luther Bynum at the corner of First Avenue and Second Street in Oneonta. It was THE department store in Blount County, even boasting a milliner, who came from elsewhere to create women’s hats. She became Porter’s wife. The store […]