2011-04-20 E-Edition

Alabama Scene

Alabama, the State of largess that keeps on giving

Why should Alabamians be surprised at the following headlines of the past few days? “Private group receives $13 million in state funds to contract for educational software without knowledge of the state Board of Education,” or “Director of state business group named in federal indictment.” We shouldn’t, perhaps, because we’ve seen so much of this type of behavior from our […]


JOSHUA A. TOLBERT, a lance corporal with the U.S. Marine Corps, and JUSTIN D. RUSSELL, a private first class, alongside fellow Marines attached to 2nd Battalion, 14th Marines, Battery K, stationed in U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Training, Huntsville, recently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Feedom (OEF). Marines assigned to a firing battery are responsible for moving, loading, […]

Enjoy Easter but remain committed

This Sunday morning churches will be filled to capacity with people, young and old, dressed in their best clothes: new shoes, bright spring dresses, ties and shirts, perhaps a hat or new hair style. Little girls will don their lacy and frilly dresses complete with bright satin bows and shiny new shoes. One Sunday. One day of the year each […]

Can’t we fix covered bridges ourselves?

With regard to the article in The Blount Countian of Jan. 5, 2011, concerning Blount County’s covered bridges, county engineer Richard Spraggins said, and I refer to the quote from that issue: “We have to have their approval in order to get the money released from Washinton to pay for the construction work we need to do,” Spraggins said. “It’s […]

Update from the Chamber of Commerce

Views on economy remain mixed

Which numbers you read will determine whether you think our economy is improving, or worsening, or remaining stable. One thing appears certain, however; the road to recovery will be a slow and steady process at best. That appears to be happening in Blount County in our business community. After visiting many of our merchants over the past couple of months, […]

County Line votes to move ahead with landfill plan

At a meeting at the town hall, the town council of County Line unanimously adopted the town’s Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) and instructed that it be sent to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) for approval. Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies enforced an order of the state fire marshal limiting attendance inside the building to 40 persons. About twice […]

Commission imposes landfill fee, puts weight limits on county roads

The Blount County Commission in a long business meeting Monday requested the Blount County state legislative delegation to pass local legislation that would allow it to impose a landfill fee not to exceed $6 per ton. The fee would apply only to landfills that accept medical waste and/or household garbage. Commission Chairman David Standridge commented that the fee would not […]

Anything Goes set for May 5

Since 1983, the annual Anything Goes competition has served as a fundraiser for the Oneonta Jaycees. However, with fewer members last year, the Jaycees asked the Danny B. Hicks Scholarship group to help with the event. The Oneonta Jaycees has now disbanded and the competition is solely under the direction of the Danny B. Hicks group. This is a nonprofit […]

The first flirt of spring