Commission opposes County Line landfill

The Blount County Commission Monday approved without discussion a motion by District 4 Commissioner Waymon Pitts to write a letter to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) opposing a 219-acre landfill proposed to lie within an area annexed last year into the city limits of County Line. Pitts amended his motion to include members of Blount County’s state Legislative […]

Cleveland students have ‘sum’ fun

Students at Cleveland Elementary School love to do the math – and on March 3, 68 sixth-graders competed online in a live 48-hour math marathon against one million students in more than 200 countries. World Math Day, developed in 2007 by 3P Learning, involves students from all over the world participating in real-time math competitions. Students have 48 hours to […]

‘Don’t forget blood drive’


Schools to receive royalties

Schools in the Blount County system will receive royalties from the sale of merchandise with school logos and designs after the Blount County Board of Education approved a licensing agreement during last week’s regular meeting. The board reached the agreement with LRG Prep, LLC – the only licensing company approved by the Alabama High School Athletic Association. The agreement is […]

County Line residents crowd town hall for landfill hearing

A standing-room-only group of about 50 people crowded into County Line Town Hall last Thursday night for a hearing and question-and-answer session on a landfill proposed for construction on a 219-acre site annexed by the town for that purpose. The meeting was hosted by the mayor and town council and featured Imre Szekelyhidi of Landfill Development Consultants LLC of Austin, […]

Oneonta’s elimination from tournaments lamented

I am saddened and distressed to read the news concerning the elimination of Oneonta High School from all county sports tournaments. For those who are too young to remember or have come to Blount County more recently, the Oneonta system evolved as follows: the school was divided when the school year was interrupted by a “cotton picking” break. This was […]

Oneonta’s telephone history

While collecting material for a book, I recorded Oneonta’s telephone history. I’m sharing part of it because it developed into the story of one of the amazing families in Blount County. We owe a lot to the Corr family for our communication needs and their hard work. The Corr family founded the Oneonta Telephone Company in 1933. These accounts came […]

Re-evaluate Forever Wild

With Alabama laying off teachers and state employees as the result of severe budget cuts, it seems only reasonable that lawmakers would proceed with caution before setting aside up to $300 million to purchase more land through Forever Wild – especially since funding for the program would not change until October 2012. Forever Wild has done a good job of […]

A case of serendipity…

Work on telephone history available at museum

“While collecting material for a book on Blount County murder cases,” wrote county native Aulden Woodard, “I developed some of its telephone history.” That sentence immediately triggers two unrelated thoughts. First, talk about serendipity! And second, the heck with the telephones – what about the murders? But that’s a story for another time. The story this time is improbable enough, […]

Alabama Scene

Passing school funding down the line Hello there, local school boards, county commissions, mayors, city councils. Are you ready for what the Legislature just handed to you? Hadn’t thought about the consequences yet, huh? I suggest you should. Your legislators, in their infinite wisdom, just handed off a larger chunk of funding education to you. Yep, and they did it […]