Armstrong discusses District 1 paving schedule

District 1 Commissioner Allen Armstrong summarized his road improvement plan during a riding tour with The Blount Countian last week. The plan includes seven county residential roads for a total of 5.36 miles. Five projects lie within Smoke Rise subdivision: Ridge Trail: 1.13 miles. Ridge Circle: 0.1 mile located off Ridge Trail. Crosshill Trail: 1.02 miles that describes a roughly […]

Tracking team rescues lost boys

Oneonta to get tough with library delinquents

Responding to previous concerns of librarian Gail Sheldon, the Oneonta City Council approved an ordinance providing stiffer penalties to those who fail to return borrowed items to its library. Weeks earlier, Sheldon had advised the council of the problem. She worked with city attorney Alex Smith to develop a policy that would allow prosecution of long-term violators. Smith reviewed the […]

Remembering a remarkable man

Tom Bell was a man you couldn’t help but like. He had the big smile and a personality to go along with it and seemed to be one of those guys that always had a kind word or pat on the back for everyone. Sadly, Tom died last summer from post-surgical complications. His wife, Mary, says she will always remember […]

From the publisher

And what are you doing?

We’re a material-minded society, you say, hellbent on accumulating possessions. As one writer calls it, a kingdom of thingdom. Maybe. But you may be reassured if you take time to note in this week’s paper the groups who, with no thought of personal gain, reach out to improve the lots of others, including the four-footed. There are those putting together […]

In my opinion …

Some weeks back, The Blount Countian printed an article titled “How is the county organized?” As an educational tool, The Blount Countian in the article did well serving its public. I happen to believe that every citizen should have some idea as to how his city, county, state, and federal government is organized. Most do not. We can own the […]

A ‘Gas’tly way to die

I can’t help but wonder how many people actually believe that dying by carbon monoxide is a quiet, peaceful, warm, and fuzzy, go-to-sleep kind of experience. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You see, Hollywood has forever glamorized this type of death as the preferred method of suicide among those on the movie screen. The fact is dying by […]

Where’s Wayne?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am all for Christmas lights and was proud to see Cleveland join the land of the Christmas Spirit. But this is ridiculous; it is time to take the lights down PLEASE. If my memory serves me, I think the first year Wayne had them down the second week in January. Wait a […]

Response to Kelly Evans

Mrs. Evans, you could have obtained the answer to your question regarding the taking down of the Christmas lights from your husband, councilman Mike Evans. This has been discussed in several of the council meetings that you were welcome to attend. The lights are scheduled to be taken down this week. The whole council including your husband voted on this. […]

Alabama Scene

You can’t erase an event the caused over 600,000 American deaths

This month we do not celebrate the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States; we commemorate it. I refuse to call it the Civil War. There was nothing civil about it to celebrate. It pitted neighbor against neighbor, one section of our nation against another, and sometimes brother against brother. It was a tragic nightmare, causing the death of […]