Search for new member begins

The Blount County Board of Education last week began the process for selecting a new member to replace Andy Neill. Neill was selected by then-Gov. Bob Riley to fill the term of Blount County Commissioner Robert Bullard, who died in November. The board had a short business meeting last Thursday before beginning the interview process for prospective candidates for District […]

A season for swearing (in)

New DA to commision: ‘return donated money’

Arguing that the transaction was improper, District Attorney Pamela Casey appeared Tuesday before the Blount County Commission and, in one of her first official acts, asked the commission to return to the DA’s budget $30,000 donated by former DA Tommy Rountree to the Blount County sheriff’s department shortly before he left office. The transactions to transfer the money from the […]

Inaugural marching

How is the county organized?

What do the departments do?

“There’s a dead cow on the road in front of my mailbox. Who do I call to get it removed?” (The commissioner for your district.) “Someone in a county car was on my property yesterday scribbling notes on a clipboard. Who should I call to find out what he was doing and what kind of notes he was taking?” (Revenue […]



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Hope House holds food free-for-all

Hope House will hold a free-for-all food day at its Blounstville store at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 29. The store is located in the parking lot with the Super 10 store in downtown Blountsville. Hope House director Bud Jones announced that distribution of food boxes will be made to all Blount County residents who present some form of photo […]

Oneonta Fire and Rescue thanked

We, the Polk family, first and foremost hope Oneonta Fire and Rescue members and their families had happy holidays. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the Nov. 23 rescue of our beloved Tennessee Walking horse that was stuck in the quicksand of our pond and on the verge of death. Words cannot express the pain […]

Shelby to Blount County:

‘You deserve your share, but you gotta fight for it’

Noting that Blount County is “growing by leaps and bounds” with its full share of infrastructure problems, U. S. Sen. Richard Shelby pledged, “I’ll do everything I can to help. You deserve your share, but you gotta fight for it.” Returning to that theme later in the meeting after thanking Blount Countians for the 85-percent voting majority in his favor […]

Starting down the road to ‘no kill’

This week, like last week, and all the weeks to come in 2011, dogs and cats will die needlessly in Blount County; many will be abandoned and die of neglect, starvation, or disease, while others will die at the Blount County Adoption Center, the county’s animal control and impound facility, where 2421 died in 2010. They will all die in […]