Paleo Profiles: Lepidocyclina mantelli

It was only a matter of time before featuring this fossil in a Paleo Profile. Plants, animals, and even photosynthesizing relatives of bacteria have been featured in Paleo Profiles. That makes three of the five kingdoms of life. Technically, there are six kingdoms of life now – but who really wants to separate Eubacteria from Archaebacteria? I recently had a […]

Alabama Scene

Keeping the politicians honest

By accident I just found bamafact, a web site established by a consortium of Alabama daily newspapers which combined resources to check on the promises of political candidates during the past election. I am frankly dumbfounded that I did not know about the site before this week. I once ran for public office. It was 1966 and I was […]

The bookworm sez

The Christmas Eve Ghost

Imagine that it’s Christmas Eve and you’re waiting for Santa to come. You should probably be asleep, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see him in your living room? So what would you think if you heard a noise? Could that be Santa and his elves? Or was that the scratching of reindeer hooves, times eight? In the new book, […]


The gospel before the gospels

Background Scripture: Isaiah 40. Devotional Reading: Ephesians 2:11-22. A recent study found that American Christians frequently know very little about the Bible. Of course, knowing facts about the Bible is not the same as knowing what God is saying to us through the Bible and, if I would have to choose, I would pray that Christians would score more highly […]


IN GOD WE TRUST? It took me a long time but I think I have finally figured it out. In America, shopping is our religion, department stores are our temples, flyers and newspaper ads are our Scriptures, and sales clerks are our priests. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. Why else would Christian activist groups like the American […]


SINGINGS BLOUNT COUNTY MIRACLE LEAGUE is having a benefit singing to help raise funds to build a Miracle Field for children and adults with disabilities. The Blue Grass Gospel Band featuring Phillip Mulkey, James Keener, Adrian Willingham, Mark Willingham, and Frank Holt will headline the singing Dec. 4 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Big Barn at 806 […]


will be held Saturday, Dec. 4, at Philadelphia Baptist Church, Oneonta, to raise funds to help with medical expenses for Mallory Paige Brown, 24, daughter of Byron and Donna Alldredge and Byron Brown. Mallory suffered a massive stroke Sept. 26, 2010, and spent three weeks in the neuro intensive care unit at UAB Hospital, followed by more than three weeks […]

Brooksville VFD extends membership requirement; bans, reinstates recording devices

Brooksville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department’s revised membership requirements are apparently the most strenuous among county fire departments, based upon a spot check around the county. The by-laws as revised in October also ban use of recording devices in business meetings, except that done for fire department purposes. According to the by-laws, to become a member, a person must have […]

Oneonta Senior Center grand opening

Oneonta City Board of Education

The cost of upkeep

“We’re probably looking at roughly $5 million to replace both the roof and the heating-and-air system,” Supt. Scott Coefield told the Oneonta City Board of Education at Monday night’s meeting. Coefield’s statement came during an update on the status of the system’s buildings by high school principal Keith Bender. The board learned that the roof, which is approximately 22 years […]