SINGINGS COMMUNITY CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN FELLOWSHIP will have its monthly singing Sunday, Oct. 10, at 1:30 p.m. following lunch at the church. Special singers will be The Boys of Alabama. The church is 3 miles south of Oneonta at Allgood. SPECIAL EVENTS DELIVERANCE NOW TABERNACLE, 1415 Fairview Church Road, Cleveland, invites all to its Pastors Appreciation Services on Sunday, Oct. 10. […]

2-1 vote on county budget touches off pay-raise discord


When the Blount County Commission met on Sept. 27 to vote on the 2011 fiscal year budget, a quorum of three commissioners was present. Robert Bullard, the fourth commissioner, who sent word he opposed the budget, was absent because of illness and did not vote. However, a quorum of three commissioners was present, and the $18- million expenditure budget was […]

Education Foundation radio-thon nets $91,615

The Blount County Education Foundation went live on WCRL radio the fouth Thursday in September for its annual fundraising radio-thon, shown above in progress. The result: $91,615 pledged during the time on-air, with more than $2000 in addition afterwards for a current total of $93,991. Last year’s total was $102,000, and with grant money still anticipated, this year’s total could […]

Leathers: 1; scammers: 0

“You’re not getting my bank account number.” So saying with considerable asperity, Lillian Leathers hung up on the caller, who had been trying to persuade her to read him her bank account number over the phone. Here’s how the scam went down: A woman caller phoned Mrs. Leathers (87 years old, not born yesterday) and told her they’re going to […]

Pine Bluff Water Authority votes to absorb Locust Fork utility tax

At its last meeting, on Sept. 21, the Pine Bluff Water Authority board voted to absorb the utility tax imposed June 8 by the town council of Locust Fork. That means the tax will not be paid by individual ratepayers, but will be paid for all ratepayers by the water authority. The town had voted to extend the utility franchise […]

Oneonta approves $6,857,000 budget for fiscal year 2011

Oneonta Mayor Darryl Ray, city administrator Ed Lowe, and councilman Hal Buckelew spoke of the city’s new budget before councilors voted unanimously to approve the more than $6.857-million plan. Ray said the city had basically held the line on expenditures from the 2010 budget of $6,254,000. He explained that the $600,000+ increase reflects primarily the purchase of two new fire […]

Thanks for the article

Thank you for Tanna Friday’s wonderful article on the Marsh farm restoration. I drive to Birmingham on Ala 79 once or twice a week and have been curious about it. In fact, part of my entertainment in the car was using my imagination to explain this beautiful, loving tribute made to Ollin and Bertha Marsh. I no longer have to […]

Thanks for the recognition

Kudos to Tanna Friday for “digging in and telling the story” about the Marsh property in the Dallas-Selfville community! She did a great job of wading through mountains of details and picked just the right pieces to paint a word picture of more than six decades of Marsh history … and made it sound as though she had been there […]

Cleveland water has strong odor

To all Blount County residents who purchase Cleveland water: The water from the Cleveland Water System has a very strong pungent odor, especially in our clothes after being washed. This has become very noticeable and very embarrassing when in public or at work. It may also be a health hazard; therefore, I am having a sample tested at the Jefferson […]

Our home, the USA

In our house, we don’t give a share in the benefits, things we have worked hard and paid for, to our guests. In our house, we do not let a guest build an altar to a god we do not believe in. In our house, we make sure our children are taught the values we believe in. In our house, […]