Pennington falls at Weaver

The Weaver Bearcats used a strong running game to wear down the J.B. Pennington Tigers and post a 46-6 victory at Weaver last Friday night. The Tigers managed just 125 yards of total offense. Pennington rushed for 76 yards on 34 carries and Lee Morton completed 3 of 9 passing for 69 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Wesley […]

A publisher ponders

A park and a preserve

Already the site of occasional weddings, Blount County’s beautiful Palisades Park will soon have another place for exchanging marriage vows: A wedding chapel in the form of a gazebo. Preservation of native trees and other plants was a driving force of those who dreamed of maintaining the unspoiled woods on Ebell Mountain for the enjoyment of nature lovers, picknickers, hikers, […]


If you don’t get excited about the first intimations of fall, you’re not an autumn worshiper, and you don’t know what you’re missing. The first early mornings that bring cooler temperatures, welcome enough themselves, also bring a quiet exhilaration. And the first yellow butterflies that appear on their way south can stir the soul – if you’re an autumn lover, […]

Alabama Scene

Choosing judges

In a recently released national poll, a sizable majority in both political parties believe campaign donations affect judicial decisions. They also want changes in systems like we have in Alabama where judges are elected in partisan political campaigns. Over two-thirds of the respondents in the poll expressed distrust in how campaign money from special interests affects justice, according to the […]

The bookworm sez

Furious Love

Purely from a geologist’s viewpoint, it isn’t much. Basically, it’s just a rock somebody pulled from the dirt. But if someone offered you one of those rocks, you wouldn’t turn it down. You’d gladly wear it on your finger, your earlobe, or your throat – although you’d probably call it a diamond or an emerald or a sapphire. Still, it’s […]

Hummingbird times two?

A hummingbird spies its own reflection in the window at the home of Barry and Susan Johnson in Rosa. This appears to be a female rubythroat hummingbird (the male has the colorful red display on his throat). She’s migrating south for the winter and probably just stopped off for a day or two before continuing her late-summer journey. According to […]

The God that failed

Background Scripture Exodus 32. Devotional Reading: John 5:39-47. How could the Israelites have worshipped the image of a golden calf instead of the Lord who helped them escape Egypt and sustained them through the terrible Sinai Desert? They probably regarded Yahweh as one god among others and had not yet realized that he wanted to be exclusively their God, as […]


SINGINGS NEW HOME #1 MISSIONARY BAPTIST will have Bama Blu-Grace for its monthly singing Sunday, Sept. 26, at 1:30 p.m. Song chairman is Verbon Lancaster and pastor is Tommy Riggs. WELCOME #2 BAPTIST will have a singing Sunday, Sept. 19, at 2 p.m. with the River City Quartet as special guests. Pastor is Johnny Allred. Church located in Palmerdale, just […]

Blount County Board of Education

Random drug testing coming to Susan Moore High

The Blount County Board of Education has given approval for the implementation of random drug testing at Susan Moore High School. The action was taken during last week’s board meeting. According to Supt. Jim Carr, the grant for the countywide drug testing schedule had run out and additional funds were not available. Susan Moore High School asked to continue the […]

Giving his all

While helping his Hayden teammates bring down a Blountsville ball carrier, this young man went head over heels during a youth league game at Blountsville last week. The high school football season is now in its fourth week but the youth football season is finishing only its second week of play. Interestingly, all of the programs in the league use […]