A publisher ponders

“How are you since it’s done?” a friend asks. Another queries, “How do you feel now that you’ve sold the paper?” “Are you OK about it?” says yet another questioner. Others, probably reluctant to ask, just watch me closely to determine my condition. Let me say I feel confident and secure for the business, the newspaper, and their continuing service […]

Bingo and ethics converge

I spent nearly 27 years working in the Alabama Judicial System under four chief justices and numerous associate justices, all but a very few whom I held in high regard. Today I respect our chief justice, Sue Bell Cobb, and perhaps two or three other justices to do what is right and not political. That’s not a majority. I helped […]

Recovered addict says

‘There is life after drugs’

Rez was just an ordinary kid, growing up in a suburban middle-class neighborhood with a caring family. His friends introduced him to drugs and he went from being an ordinary kid who played football to an opiate addict. One day when Rez took a combination of Klonopin and heroin he stopped breathing and blacked out. His sister found him gasping […]

County agencies hit jackpot

Agencies and municipalities around the county had cause to celebrate last week as grant checks arrived for eight different entities. Five were presented in one whirlwind tour last Friday. The checks, ranging from $2000 to $10,000, were state grants obtained and funneled through the Blount County Commission by state Rep. Elwyn Thomas with the assistance of Commission Chairman David Standridge. […]

Sav-A-Life Women’s Resource Center to open in Hayden

She may sit silently in a carpool, classroom, dormitory, or restaurant. Maybe she is checking your groceries, baby sitting, or cleaning your house. She may even sit next to you in church on Sunday. What if a friend or a friend of one of your children came to you with devastating news of an unplanned pregnancy? Would you be equipped […]


Starting place or destination?

Background Scripture Exodus 20. Devotional Reading: John 1:14-18. Recently I read that someone has called The Ten Commandments: “God’s Magna Carta.” This is an unfortunate misunderstanding of both the Ten Commandments and the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta, or Great Charter, was a document that some of the English nobility forced the despotic King John to sign on June 15, […]


SINGINGS UNITED SACRED HARP MUSICAL ASSOCIATION will hold its 107th session Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 11 and 12, at Zion Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Douglas. Singers from several states and countries will attend the two-day singing. For additional information, contact Susan Harcrow, 256-996-4033, harcrows@yahoo.com; Shane Wootten, 256-657-1826; or Harold Rosser, 256- 840-5071. MOUNTAIN GROVE BAPTIST, on county road 47, Blountsville, […]

Commission grapples with issues in first work session


The Blount County Commission last week began detailed discussions of the upcoming 2011 fiscal year budget in the first of a series of work sessions leading up to its adoption. No results will be reported from the work sessions since the outcome of discussions is not final until the commission formally votes to accept or reject the budget at the […]

Newspaper ownership changes hands

The editor of The Blount Countian is now its owner.

Rob Rice completed transactions last Wednesday that transferred to him from publisher Molly Howard the stock of The Southern Democrat Inc., its building, grounds, and equipment. When Rice came to the paper in 2003, he assumed duties as managing editor, sports editor, and advertising manager. Such multiple roles are not uncommon in small-town newspapers. He became full editor earlier this […]

Meth lab seized in Oneonta