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Our mixed-up priorities

We now have the fifth-largest football stadium in the country. Hot darn. Take that, you lowly fans in California and New York and elsewhere…that is except Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee, where there are ones larger than ours. A $65-million expansion at Bryant-Denny Stadium has pushed its seating capacity to 101,821 making it the nation’s fifth-largest stadium. The south end […]

The bookworm sez

In the Shadow of Freedom

Open wide, or close up tight? When it comes to borders, that’s a question that divides countries, states, and even families. It’s a question that might seem answerable with one word, either way, but it’s really not. Like everything these days, it’s complicated and contentious. And then, there are the exceptions… In the new book In the Shadow of Freedom […]

The bookworm sez

Horse- Drawn Days

Horse-Drawn Days: A Century of Farming with Horses, by Jerry Apps, c.2010, Wisconsin Historical Society Press $24.95 / $28.95, Canada, 199 pages. You must’ve driven by the lot six or seven times before you stopped, before the gleam of that machine drove you in for a look-see. You don’t need a tractor but sometimes life is all about want, not […]

Help! There’s an owl after my pet!

Wildlife Biologist Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries It was, I believe, the saddest wildlife-related phone call I have ever fielded. The call came from a woman who wanted to talk about an owl having killed her small pet dog. Usually, when wildlife biologists get calls of this sort, we are prepared to talk about other predators more likely to […]

God as a verb


Background Scripture Exodus 3:1-6, 13-15. Devotional Reading: Luke 20:34-40. Since at least the fourth century AD, Jebel Musa on the Sinai Peninsula has been the traditional location identified with Mt. Sinai and the events of Exodus 3, 19, and 20. At the foot of this dramatic mountain is the ancient monastery of St. Catherine where the monks were happy to […]


SINGINGS PLEASANT VIEW MISSIONARY BAPTIST will have its third Sunday night singing Sept. 19 at 6:00. The Revelations will be featured. The church is located on U.S. 278 East approximately two miles east of Holly Pond on the left. For more information, call 256-796- 5986 or 256-786-8375. COMMUNITY CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN will have a special singing Sunday, Sept. 12, featuring the […]

Oneonta accepts and dedicates one of two new fire trucks

The Oneonta City Council and fire department have received one of two new fire trucks the city has ordered. At the last council meeting, Mayor Darryl Ray announced receipt of the $380,000 truck and invited attendees to a dedication ceremony following that meeting. Fire chief David Osborne, assistant chief Brandon Horton, Ray, and others offered remarks at the dedication. Firefighters, […]

We love our football

Cleveland council focuses on park and rec matters; police chief job on hold

Park and ball fields, both old and new, occupied a substantial part of the Cleveland Town Council meeting as members received recommendations for needed repairs to the park and ball fields and related matters at its Aug. 19 business session. Park board spokesman James Sullivan presented the park board’s list of 10 prioritized items requiring attention, as follows: •soft landscaping […]

Who’s going to run the show?

Tuesday, Aug. 17, 9:40 a.m. The phone rings, and I answer. Without preamble or pleasantry, a woman’s voice crackles, urgent and seemingly angry: “You need to get over to the Agribusiness Center right now. They’re having a meeting at 10, and the newspaper needs to be there.” “Who is this, what’s going on?” I say quickly, but not quickly enough. […]