Alabama Scene

Pay attention to your property tax valuation notice

I knew something was wrong. A few weeks ago I received the annual property tax valuation for our home and discovered the value had surged in this declining real estate market by nearly 4 percent over appraisals for the past two years. That seemed odd since the valuation of the houses in my neighborhood, just like those across the nation, […]

The bookworm sez

Child of the Civil Rights Movement

What was your Mama’s favorite thing to do when she was a kid your age? If you ask her, she’ll probably tell you all about her favorite game and the toy she loved most. She might tell you stories about the trips she took with her family. She’ll remember books she loved, pets she owned, music she danced to, and […]

Cleveland Town Council

Correction and update on water/ sewer rate increase

Last week, The Blount Countian incorrectly reported that the Cleveland Town Council passed a motion at its Aug. 5 regular meeting to raise Cleveland water department rates by 7.36 percent, to apply to all except minimum usage accounts of 2000 gallons per month or less. The motion to raise rates actually failed on a tie vote at the Aug. 5 […]


Part of God’s providence

Background Scripture Acts 28. Philippians 4:15-23. Devotional Reading: Acts 9:23-30. At first glance, Acts 28 and Philippians 4:15-23 may seem quite different in their meaning and purpose, but they are both about keeping commitments – on the part of the church at Philippi and Paul imprisoned at Rome. Starting with 4:15, Paul continues in his thanking the Philippian Christians for […]

11th fifth Sunday night singing August 29

The 11th edition of the fifth Sunday night singing series, hosted jointly by Hope House and Cleveland First Baptist Church, will be held this Sunday night at the host church. High Rock Methodist will provide the featured guest choir. Also participating along with the Cleveland choir will be the Mountain Pointe Ministries choir, returning after an absence of two sessions. […]


REVIVALS CALVARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST, on U.S. 231 south, 70621 Main Street, Blountsville, will have revival services at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 30, through Friday, Sept. 3. Evangelist is William McClellan, and pastor is Waylon Thrasher. SPECIAL EVENTS ROYAL ADVENT will have yard/donation sales Sept. 4 and Sept 11 beginning at 6 p.m. on Timmerman Road. Benefits from the event will […]


Calvert levels financial management criticisms

District 3 commissioner-elect Dean Calvert last week raised questions concerning management of county-roadbudget monies, particularly by outgoing commissioners Tom Ryan of District 3 and David Cochran of District 1. Questions were triggered by the commission’s August allocation to each district of an additional $150,000 from roadand bridge-fund cash reserves. It was said commissioners took that action to offset high costs […]

Northern beltline impact substantial, says Carter

Ranee Carter reported at the chamber breakfast Aug. 17 on the anticipated impact of the northern beltline project on the economy of the surrounding area, including southern Blount County. Carter is executive director of the Coalition for Regional Transportation. Construction on the massive highway project, to be designated I-422, could begin within the next 12 to 18 months, according to […]

Senior center soars

‘Miss Inell’ nears halfcentury in school role

by Jim Kilgore Sometime after Mercedes opened its United States plant in Vance, Ala., news reports noted company officials had high praise for their employees. Somehow, they and others seemed surprised at the quality of the United States, and particularly Alabama, workforce. For native southerners, the willingness of their families to work hard held no surprise. They have long respected […]