Community Calendar

BLOUNTSVILLE SUMMER READING Blountsville Public Library’s summer reading program starts May 28 and ends July 2 with a pizza party. Top readers win savings bonds, books, and other prizes. Theme for the 2010 program is “Make a Splash – Read.” Storytime with activities will be held at 10 each Friday morning at the library. ANYONE INTERESTED in the BERRY MOUNTAIN […]

Disagreements emerge in Snead work session

At least in partial response to police chief Phillip Weaver’s request, Snead Town Council held a work session prior to its first regular May meeting. In seeking the session, Weaver had indicated he wished the council to consider a timetable for replacing police vehicles. Before discussing a replacement schedule, Weaver brought up painting and striping police cruisers, a matter held […]

Voters warned to vote carefully

As election time draws near, I would like to remind the people of Blount County and anyone else who subscribes to this paper to be careful of whom you vote for. I would like to remind everyone that shortly after legislators took office, a majority of them voted for the 65 percent pay raise that all received. Considering the economy, […]

Disappointed in small print

I was so disappointed Wednesday when I got the paper, because it was printed in the small print like most of mail is doing. Why? Does it save a lot of money? A lot of 80 year olds and up will have to stop our subscriptions because we can’t see to read fine print. We can’t enjoy watching the TV […]

Correction to ‘Mock Wreck’ article

In the May 12th issue of The Blount Countian, there was a mistake in the article “Drinking-and-driving kills.” Mitchell Herndon was not the drunk driver; he was the one “hauled away in the hearse” and made the speech at the end. Jake Gossett was the drunk driver, and was arrested. The kids did a really good job with the Mock […]

The real Tea Party

Over the past year, many in the media have labeled Tea Party members as gunslinging, racist whites. I also have become concerned over what I thought was a similar view from Jim Evans, whose column appears in your newspaper. It disappoints me how the left has taken a peaceful group of people and says that they are going to spawn […]

‘It’s time for shelter reform’

Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation (AVRAL) is a grassroots effort to get as many people as possible involved in making improvements in animal welfare in Alabama. Animal rights people believe we can make a difference in: humane euthanasia, animal shelter reform, regulating breeding, banning backyard breeding and puppy mills. We’ll try to increase penalties for animal abuse, try to […]

‘From one extreme to the next’

I’m writing this in response to the letter written last week by Tammy Cagle, the one titled “Not following rules in Locust Fork.” First of all I would like to say to Ms. Cagle, you need to pick a complaint and stick to it. You seem to be going from one extreme to the next when you don’t get your […]

Scott Beason seeking re-election for Blount Couty state Senate seat

Republican Scott Beason, 40, of Gardendale, is running for re-election to state Senate District 17 seat. Beason has served as senator for the district since defeating former Sen. Jack Biddle of Gardendale for the office in 2006. Beason identifies himself as a staunch Christian and social and fiscal conservative. Beason is opposed by Republican Jim Murphree of Oneonta for the […]

Update from the Chamber

Four local district attorney candidates to be featured

The monthly Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce breakfast will be held Wednesday, May 26, at Twin Oaks. The program, to begin at 7:30 a.m., features the four Republican candidates for Blount County district attorney and will be sponsored by Hometown Bank. The program is open to the public thanks to the civic generosity of Hometown Bank, a very important member […]