A publisher’s pondering

Policy on readers’ letters

Because opening its columns to letters from readers is one of the services the public rightly expects of its newspapers, The Blount Countian rarely culls any that deal with public, governmental matters. However, in the future the newspaper will be more selective in ones submitted about Cleveland’s deplorable, yearlong controversy. Surely everything that can be written about it has been […]

Alabama Scene

Have state’s beaches caught a break?

The 72-hour forecast map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showed at the start of this week that winds from the north and east are expected to push the Gulf of Mexico oil spill created by the BP oil well explosion more to the west. The forecast did not show a possibility of the spill making contact […]

From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, May 11, 1967

Gas tax fund, tag bill to cost Blount $257,000 Representative Bill Lemley has advised The Southern Democrat that Blount County can expect a total of $595,000 in state gasoline tax funds in 1967. This fund totaled $717,000 in 1966, including farm-tomarket road funds. Of Blount’s $595,000, the seven municipalities in Blount (Oneonta, Blountsville, Hayden, Allgood, County Line, Cleveland, and Snead) […]



Back pain is a common problem for about 30 percent of the adult population. Maintaining a regular routine that incorporates back-strengthening exercises helps to get rid of such problems forever. Take a look at some basic exercise steps given below. 1. Lie down on the floor. Your back should be flat and the legs should be kept on top of […]


Living in your ‘all-together’

Background Scripture Colossians 3. Devotional Reading: Isaiah 41:4-10. There was a time several centuries long when churchgoers wore their “Sunday-gone-to-meetin’- clothes.” Women and girls donned their best dresses and hats, while men and boys wore suits, collared shirts, and ties. Some decades ago, when that began to change, I realized that we had often placed too much importance on “correct” […]



Sometimes it is so interesting living in America. Here’s an example: Both during and after the presidential campaign, there has been a steady drumbeat of accusation that President Obama is a closet Muslim. Because his father was a Muslim, and because he lived for a while in a Muslim country, and because he attended a school for a period of […]

Hawkins’s Alabama Azalea makes Auburn arboretum collection

Alabama Azalea’s distinctive pure white blooms with soft yellow throats have a spicy, lemony bouquet that is one of nature’s finest fragrances. Described in 1921, the assigned scientific name, Rhododendron alabamense, reflects the plant’s almost exclusive distribution in Alabama, with only a scattering of occurrences in contiguous states. The genus name Rhododendron is used to describe about a dozen deciduous […]

Commission closes industrial development office, gets bids on full-depth reclamation

The Blount County Commission voted unanimously at its monthly business meeting Monday to relinquish the lease on office space at Superior Bank in Oneonta, used until recently as headquarters for the Blount County Industrial Development Board. The board was dismantled on March 19 following the resignation of its board chairman and two remaining board members. Concurrently, the commission voted to […]

Former county man arrested on securities charges

The Blount County District Attorney’s office and the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) have announced the arrest of a former Blount County resident. David Ray Pinyan was arrested on May 4 by Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, Tenn., law enforcement officials after a 12-count indictment was handed down by a Blount County grand jury in April. The indictments charge Pinyan with one […]


2010 Day on the River in June

Day on the River 2010 is Saturday, June 19, at King’s Bend on the banks of the beautiful Locust Fork. This is not an outing but a watershed awareness event for kids. It will be the 10th year Friends of the Locust Fork River has sponsored this happening, and it’s been bigger and better every time – with more activity […]