Holiday tour draws many

Red ribbons twined with greenery and lights and a statue of Santa highlight the entryway of Rob and Danielle Robertson at 200 Heritage Road, Oneonta. Those who attended OFFER’s holiday tour Sunday, Dec. 6, saw many such beautiful creations in and around the houses, a business, and a church whose appointments delighted the many guests.

We need Swann Bridge open

I live on the west side of Swann Bride. It is a 12- to 16- mile drive to go around to get to Cleveland. Most people think of this covered bridge as a tourist attraction. For those of us who used it every day to get to and from work, it was part of our lives. It saved us time […]

Why not rename 160?

The big wheels in Montgomery don’t care about Blount County’s Hwy 160. They probably snickered when Riley promised to fast track it back in 2006. Well, I have an idea that will wake ‘em up. Let’s change the name of Hwy 160 to something like “Blue Cross Blue Shield Parkway.” Just picture all the exit signs on Interstate 65 proclaiming […]

Thanks for great OFFER tour

On behalf of the Oneonta Foundation for Educational Resources (OFFER), I would like to express my deep appreciation to The Blount Countian for the wonderful publicity you provided for our Christmas Home Tour. OFFER would like to particularly thank the homeowners, the Alex Smiths, the Rob Robertsons, and Sharon Lee, for allowing us into their historic, unique, and beautifully decorated […]

You don’t have to be present to…

Town of Cleveland

Ten minutes before the council meeting was to begin, the parking lot of Cleveland Town Hall was full and groups of citizens were gathering outside. At 6:56, superintendent of water Steve Pass received a call from town clerk Debra Millwood, stating, “We just found out that (mayor) Larry Longshore was in Tennessee and would not be able to attend.” With […]

A woman who loves a good story

Many Blount Countians may know May “Granny” Millican for her gardening business in Garden City, but there is more to her than her love of flowers. She loves a good story, and her own is pretty good too. Mrs. Millican was born in the town of Nectar, where her mother taught in one of the first schools in Blount County. […]

The lights of Palisades

A steady stream of traffic winds through Palisades Park off U.S. 231 just north of Oneonta every evening between 5:00 and 9:00, bringing visitors who are awed by millions of lights shining for Christmas. The mostly colored lights are relieved here and there by white ones, many lights outlining Biblical figures and scenes, others revealing secular scenes and subjects. Noteworthy […]

Warrior passes ordinance to collect taxes in Blount, officials brace for action

The City of Warrior on Dec. 7 passed a local ordinance to begin collecting sales taxes and business license fees at one half the town rate from Blount County businesses within its police jurisdiction. Following a Warrior Town Council meeting Monday night that Blount County officials and business owners attended to protest the action, Probate Judge David Standridge said the […]


Wise men?

Background Scripture: Matthew 2. Devotional Reading Proverbs 9:7-12. I recently read that Andy Schafly, founder of the online “Conservative Bible Project,” wants to publish a new version of the Bible from which he would remove some texts that he believes do not belong there. For example: he doesn’t believe Jesus ever said that it is “…easier for a camel to […]



My favorite Christmas hymn is “Joy to the World.” Written by Isaac Watts in the 18th century, the music of this hymn is lively and triumphant. It captures well the celebratory spirit of the season. But it’s the lyrics that are truly significant. This one hymn expresses what I believe is the heart of the Christian understanding of Christmas. For […]