Revenues down 3.9 percent, expenses down 12 percent, as county manages through economic downturn

Last week, The Blount Countian published among the legal notices the Blount County Commission’s annual Combined Statement of Revenues and Expenditures along with the Schedule of Blount County Commission Outstanding Debt, as required by state law. Both are reprinted here (right and below right). Notes to those two reports appear immediately following this paragraph and should help readers understand it. […]

2001- 2009 Summary of selected categories of Combined Statement of Revenues and Expenditures reports

Year Total Total Year-end Fixed Excess Total 9/30/ Revenue Expenses Balance Assets Revenue Debt Over Expenses 2001 $13,422,618 $12,832,620 $4,315,937 $11,158,759 $ 615,397 $6,091,173 2002 13,625,850 13,441,662 5,168,322 12,568,130 726,504 5,350,648 2003 14,332,324 16,343,767 6,900,451 12,989,562 1,446,265 4,967,785 2004 15,940,885 14,888,400 8,231,584 19,814,459 1,276,636 4,401,443 2005 16,157,489 15,758,450 9,152,301 25,021,698 964,139 3,248,188 2006 17,860,122 18,205,727 9,680,488 28,288,380 520,290 3,235,821 2007 […]


‘Riverboat John’ Ferguson serves ‘50s nostalgia in book of Huntsville reminiscences

Reading, signing set at Snead Senior Center

“Riverboat John” Ferguson of Blountsville, heralded by the New York Times as “a true American minstrel” for his performances of songs and stories of the bygone steamboat era in the South, has released a book of reminiscences of his boyhood. It’s called The Adventures of Riverboat John: Glimpses of Huntsville in the 1950s. A reading by the author of passages […]

‘Where all the money went’

A recent letter on the future of healthcare reform noted that senior citizens have paid taxes and healthcare premiums for 40 years, and asked the question “Where did all that money go?” It is dismaying to me that folks go so far to avoid the simple answers. Of course, avoiding the simple answers is just what the health and business […]

Peace this holiday season?

After reading the letter submitted to The Blount Countian last week, I feel the need to respond on behalf of RetakeCleveland and its vigilant members. Over the past few months many of the meetings have become rather heated, on a political scale. As many people know, this group is composed of people of all ages, backgrounds, religious views, and political […]

I agree! How far will they go?

I would like to thank Kelly Evans for decorating her yard for the children of our community because I do the same. I am sorry her decorations were vandalized and I would have been upset also, but I do not feel it is right for her to accuse ReTake Cleveland for her vandalism. I would like to let her know […]

Why can’t State Hwy 160 be safer?

Again, it is very sad to see someone lose their life on dangerous State Hwy 160 here in Blount County. So many have lost their lives too soon on this horrible stretch of road. Please contact our local and state leaders and ask them to make State Hwy 160 a priority in this county. Some are working very hard on […]

He’s your responsibility

Can you write an article about neglected dogs? “Do you really want a dog” article? I walk my little peek-a-poo twice a day because she’s a house dog and I see dogs tied or chained up. One dog wrecks his house continually so he is out in the cold, rain, etc. . . . You know the rest. How cute […]

Butch’s Place

There’s a new rescue group in Blount County called Butch’s Place, owned and operated by Shannon Whitfield and her family. Rescuers rearrange their lives for the comfort and convenience of dogs and cats, but Shannon actually moved to another town because Blountsville restricted her work in their town. That’s dedication and commitment to animals. In 2008, the Animal Adoption Center […]