In “Parting the Waters,” the Pulitzer Prize winning story of the early years of the Civil Rights movement, Taylor Branch describes some of the differences between Dr. King’s goals and those of the NAACP. Dr. King, following the teachings of Ghandi, was hoping to do more than merely put an end to segregation. Dr. King wanted to bring about what […]

Angels in Blount County

Blountsville food bank serving many residents

Jesse Colunga had a dream that quickly became reality. A member of the Blountsville Hispanic Church of God – Christ is Coming, Colunga had heard several times of food kitchens throughout the Christian community. But, Colunga knew that even though many of the food pantries were less than 20 miles away, to the needy in his community, they may as […]


COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, Ala 79 South at Cleveland, will have revival with Randy Hale Nov. 15 through Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. Meals served each night at 5:30. HIGHMOUND BAPTIST CHURCH on Teal Road at Horton will have revival services Nov. 9 through Nov. 11 with prayer group at 6:45 and services at 7 p.m. Evangelist is Larry […]

Alabama Scene

Bingo decision affects only Walker County, but more court action possible

Gov. Bob Riley did just about everything he could, except climb the dome of the State Supreme Court and threaten to drop an explosive device inside, to keep Circuit Judge Robert Vance of Birmingham from being assigned to handle the disposition of electronic bingo litigation in Walker County. He schmoozed with some of the justices over coffee on visits down […]

From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, November 2, 1950

Theatres Consolidated Lester Neely, Sr., of Neely Theatres and Wells Brothers of Boaz are affiliated in the new Drive-In Theatre now under construction. The new theatre will be known as the Blount Drive-In and is located about one mile from down-town Oneonta on the Albertville Highway. Construction is progressing rapidly and all of the equipment has been bought. It is […]

Change of Lifestyle

I was in a conversation this week with someone who was told by their doctor that they had some problems with low levels of vitamins and that if they exercised it would solve this problem. Their first question was to their doctor was, “Do you make a pill to help this?” Why would you want to do that to your […]

The bookworm sez


Ask your mother, and she’d probably say it was one of your favorite words. From the time you were old enough to talk, she heard it plenty enough: “Mine!” Everything was yours. If it belonged to someone else, it was yours. Even if you didn’t want it, it was yours. You eventually grew out of that (more or less), but […]

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