If you exercise for any length of time, chances are you will experience some type of injury. Most of the time, it’s minor aches and pains, maybe a little muscle soreness, but sometimes it’s a little more serious. It’s inevitable. If you exercise on a consistent basis, life will almost always interfere in one way or another, and often the […]


Co-dependency: addictions to unhealthy relationships

This article is one of a series on the faces and forms of addiction. It is a collaboration among Alden Brindle, intensive outpatient director at Hope House; his wife Marie, Hope House counselor; and writer Nancy Jackson. Individuals growing up in chaotic homes, often caused by parents’ drug or alcohol addiction, may come to behave in ways that are termed […]

Paleo Profiles

Odontaspis macrota

This selection for Paleo Profiles is recognizable immediately to almost everyone. Shark tooth! This particular tooth belongs to a shark known scientifically as Odontaspis macrota, a type of sand tiger shark. It was easily plucked from the loose grasp of the Lisbon formation, a Middle Eocene marine deposit exposed in parts of south Alabama. I very clearly remember finding this […]

2009-07-29 E-Edition