If there appears to be a disagreement among family members about information to appear in an obituary, The Blount Countian reserves the right to decline to publish any of it. The newspaper takes pride in not charging for publishing obituaries except for those of persons without direct connection to this county, in which case persons requesting them will pay for […]

Gambling topic of next week’s breakfast

Update from the chamber of commerce

Questions regarding the legality of gambling—bingo and slot machines— have caused differing opinions between the Alabama governor’s office and that of the attorney general. Troy King, Alabama’s attorney general, will be at the monthly Blount County-Oneonta Chamber breakfast next Wednesday morning, July 22, at 7:30 at Twin Oaks, to discuss this issue as well as other topics pertaining to white […]

CAWACO rides again!

The CAWACO Resource Conservation and Development Council awarded a $5000 grant to the Palisades Park Board Monday for use in updating restrooms at the park to comply with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Matching funds were provided through donations to the park. With funding assistance from state representatives Jeremy Oden and Elwyn Thomas, CAWACO offers “challenge grants” of […]

County author introduces Junior

Junior Snobcopper is a fictitious 4-yearold character created by Randall Roberson, preacher, teacher, storyteller, and author. Roberson recently allowed The Blount Countian to delve into the antics of Junior by way of his latest book, titled The Adventures of Junior. The more than 50 pages of hilarious, heartwarming stories were adapted from the author and his wife’s experiences of rearing […]

Work session hears concerns from MCoal mining, others

Citizenship in action...

The Blount County Commission heard expressions of concern from six citizens or groups at its Thursday work session last week. The first was Sanford Hendon of McGehee Engineering, representing the MCoal Mining Corporation, which intends to mine coal in the area of the former Rosa Mine in central Blount County. Hendon said he came before the commission to determine requirements […]

Darkness gathers at old Eargle school

Close your eyes as you view the abandoned Eargle School and you can almost hear the sound of children’s voices at recess, echoing through the woods that surrounded the three-room schoolhouse in the years before it closed in 1965. Or the clatter of dishes at lunchtime for the meals brought and prepared by mothers from the community. Or the knell […]

Backyard treasures

G. W. and Laura Landman have found gold in “them thar hills” of northern Blount County. It isn’t a vein or a mother lode, but rather once-lost jewelry, old coins, and other artifacts. Some 10 years ago, during a surge in electronic metal detecting as a hobby, the Landmans acquired a basicmodel detector and began testing it in their own […]

It’s a mouth-full:

Dry Creek Farm Gas, Oil and Advertising Swap Meet

The display of gas pump globes shown comes all the way from Michigan. It was one of the more eye-catching entries in a unique assemblage of collectibles held near Wynnville last weekend. The Coca-Cola signs ballyhooed it as a “gas and oil swap meet.” When you arrived at the meetin’ ground at James Blakey’s Dry Creek Farm, it looked like […]


BLOUNT COUNTY DEMOCRATIC Executive Committee and Executive Board meeting will be Saturday, July 25, at 9:30 a.m. at the Frank Green Building in Oneonta. There will be no separate board meeting. The board and full committee will meet together. The public is welcome. FAIRVIEW BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL sponsored by the Town of Fairview will be held July 18 in the park, […]

‘Tell me it’s not true’

A very credible person recently told me, that after the storm last month hit Blount County 911 began trying to reach the County Commissioners. Calls were pouring in that trees were down across roads all over the county. After trying to call by phone and radio with no luck the 911 dispatcher made a plea over the radio that if […]