Water weight loss We all want to find the best way to lose weight. Though low-carb diets are not the rage they once were, most people still think carbs are bad. Although low-carb diets and other fad diets support weight loss, most of the weight is coming from water. Water-weight loss is how the diets help get the weight off […]

Culinary creations

From county cooks ...

Patrons of The Chocolate Cottage, Robert Vaningan’s former restaurant in Oneonta, will be pleased to see another selection of his recipes this week. These recipes are from his book Cooking in the Deep-South with Chef Bob. Some, if not all, of his recipes include interesting tidbits on their histories. We need recipes to publish! Why not share one of your […]

Recovery by grace


This article is one of a series on the faces and forms of addiction. It is a collaboration among Alden Brindle, intensive outpatient director at Hope House; his wife Marie, Hope House counselor; and writer Nancy Jackson. As we have discovered control is core to addiction: (1) addiction control (trying to control moods and throughts) and (2) guilt control (trying […]

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