Drug Task Force dismantling, emergency proclamation head list of commission actions

In a list of more than thirty items on the commission agenda for January, five stand out as unusually significant. Drug Task Force deceased The commission approved the detailed dismantling of the Blount County Drug Task Force, dissolved as a separate entity last October due to greatly reduced state funding, and recurring local funding issues. In its action Monday, the […]

Commission routine items feature many appointments

Appointments to four agencies were an important part of county commission business for its first meeting of 2009. Reappointed were the following five members to one-year terms on the Solid Waste Authority board of directors: representing District 1, Carter Brand; District 2, Tommy Chambers; District 3, Jimmy Buckner; District 4, Bob Shows; at large, Wendell Ellis. The commission approved the […]

The Old Oak Tree

Counseling service for veterans and their families

Robert has mixed feelings about his father returning from Iraq. He was sad when his dad left and relieved when he returned safe. But things are different now. Dad is either bossing him around or blowing up at just anything. He’s hard to be around. Robert remembers he and his mom had struggled but learned to manage okay with dad […]

Alabama Scene

Lindsey's death to impact State Senate

Wallace Henry “Pat” Lindsey III of Route One, Butler, one of the Alabama Senate’s longest-serving members, died Saturday night of an apparent heart attack. He was on a hunting trip with friends and colleagues in Boligee. He was one of three Alabamians of note who died in the past week. Cornelia Wallace, 69, the former first lady and second wife […]

Clearly Speaking

Why Purchase Life Insurance?

We’ve all heard about the importance of having life insurance, but is it really necessary? Usually, the answer is “yes,” but it depends on your specific situation. If you have a family who relies on your income, then it is imperative to have life insurance protection. If you’re single and have no major assets to protect, then you may not […]

From the Archives

From The Blount Countian, January 19, 2005

Oneonta authorizes mayor to buy Wrangler plant Praising the work of local chamber of commerce president Charles Carr and Vanity Fair (VF) officials, Mayor Danny Hicks advised the Oneonta City Council of purchase plans for the former Wrangler – Blue Bell plant. During extended negotiations, North Carolina company officials reduced their original million dollar asking price to an agreed upon […]


As the new year begins, many people strive to end their bad habits and begin good habits. Out-of-shape people are taking up exercise by going to the gym. Some people are giving up smoking. It is the time of year when everybody tries to become somebody else, the time of year when no one is acting normally. Here are the […]

Culinary creations

From county cooks...

Continuing as space allows are recipes The Blount Countian is featuring from cookbooks produced by groups within the county. Recipes below were printed in Pleasures from the Good Earth, a collection of recipes by Cleveland’s Fellowship Baptist Church. Some of these recipes feature new ways to make old favorites, but some creations are entirely different and may require a more […]

Reader writes

'Griz is home'

It’s storming again tonight and bitter cold. For six long weeks I would worry if you were alive and had shelter from the cold, but tonight we are both at peace as you are by my side peaceful and warm. But your time away was beyond my worst fears. The healthy 100-lb. boy, once happy and playful, came home crawling […]

‘Enjoying recipes’

I am enjoying your recipe section. Hope you are able to continue this feature. Happy New Year. Rebecca Pendlebury Glenmoore, Pa.