Oneonta looks at personnel and services

Meeting briefly in the holiday week, the Oneonta City Council handled several personnel matters. Councilmen authorized one volunteer and hired two part-time firefighters. Speaking as the coordinator for the department, Hal Buckelew recommended the acceptance of Marion Dobbs and employment of Jonathan Garner and William Mark Pearson. Mayor Darryl Ray announced the upcoming recommendation for the assistant clerk position. Ray […]

Garden spot at Hayden Primary

The cloverleaf-shaped structure in the background is the new butterfly garden at Hayden Primary School. The project is the most recent addition to a three-year, $500,000 makeover of school grounds that involved parents, teachers, and the community. The various elements of the project – playground, soccer field, walking track, hiking trail, fountain, and landscaping – transformed several acres of rugged, […]

A teenage epiphany…

How long do you have to go to school to get a job good enough to buy a Corvette?

We used to drive by a certain used car lot fairly often a couple of years ago – my 14-year-old son and I. Right on the corner where we turned for home, the dealer had provocatively parked a glittering blue Corvette convertible, early – to mid- ’60s vintage. After the umpteenth trip – and the umpteenth admiring exclamation from my […]

Otelco in Blountsville offers new TV services

The Blountsville Telephone Company division of Otelco began Dec.1 offering digital television to customers in Blountsville. The over 100 channels are in a lineup similar to that of Otelco Cable TV service in the Oneonta area. It will be delivered into customers’ homes over existing telephone lines in the same manner as digital subscriber line (DSL) internet, rather than over […]

Snead still struggles with defeated candidate issues

Reading from an attorney’s general opinion, Snead Mayor Tim Kent refuted claims made by his defeated run-off opponent. At the previous council meeting, Jane Childers had questioned the legality of Kent’s serving as both a sheriff’s deputy and mayor. She had noted the state constitution forbids an individual from holding more than one office of profit. The opinion holds that […]

The Old Oak Tree

Counseling service for veterans and their families

No one can be exposed to war and combat without being deeply changed. Self-confidence, maturity, and pride may be increased. On the other hand one may experience distancing from family members, feelings of alienation, difficulties on the job, decreased emotional control. If the brain has been injured, problems can be more complicated with impairment of memory and concentration and inability […]

Reader writes

'Thank you'

I thank you for publishing the article inviting the public to attend the November program of Delta Kappa Gamma to hear the presentation of author Ruth Beaumont Cook. The program was outstanding, and the members of our organization are grateful to you for informing the public of her appearance. We appreciate the cooperation that we always receive from you. Vivian […]

Museum has much of interest

The Blount County Memorial Museum is featuring new displays of antique cookie jars, Barbie dolls, handmade hats and scarfs, sock monkeys, girl scout items, fabric post cards, egg beaters, and Champion Mine items. The Blount County Heritage Book is for sale at the museum for $70 and $75 if mailed. Other books available are Profile of Gabriel Hanby; Blount County […]

‘We can make it happen’

SIETZ ANNEX, Iraq – The 398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade arrived in Iraq in early September, eager to start its mission and take on the challenges ahead. Individual shops conducted their mandatory transition process with their counterparts. The 398th CSSB conducted its transfer of authority ceremony Sept. 30 and since then each section in the battalion has […]

Culinary creations

From county cooks...

  Continuing as space allows are recipes The Blount Countian is featuring from cookbooks produced by groups within the county. Recipes below were printed in Pleasures from the Good Earth from Fellowship Baptist Church in Cleveland. The variety of dishes below offers something to please most, including favorites such as cheese straws, monkey bread, and chicken salad. Best of all, […]