Norris says ‘we’re in a recession’; proves it; says we’ll come out other side

Splitting no hairs along the way, last week’s chamber breakfast speaker John Norris made three blunt points: we are in a recession, we have been in a recession for the better part of the year, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. Norris is managing director of wealth management and investment services at Oakworth Capital Bank in […]

Autumn’s glory

American Beautyberry in fall regalia stands sentinel with its scintillating magenta berries alongside a path beckoning toward dark shadows of the forest primeval beyond. The path is the nature trail at Hayden Primary School, part of a half-million dollar recreational complex including playground, soccer field, butterfly garden, and fountain recently dedicated there. – Ron Gholson

Mayors meet the press

Last Friday morning, four newly elected mayors assembled at Howard’s Restaurant in Cleveland for an informal breakfast hosted by The Blount Countian. Present were Jamie Brothers, new mayor of Susan Moore; Thelma Smith, of Hayden; Andy Ellis, of Rosa, and Darryl Ray, of Oneonta, The objective of the meeting was not so much serious news as it was to get […]

Fourth fifth Sunday singing…

Christmas banquet, choir bash coming up Sunday at 4 p.m.

Brother Bud Jones, April 2008: “Gonna have a Christmas banquet and gospel concert for 600 people next Christmas – people who wouldn’t ordinarily get no Christmas dinner.” Yeah, right. Where you gonna hold something for that many people – the Agribusiness Center? Brother Bud: “Yep. How’d you know?” I didn’t. It was supposed to be a joke. The Agribusiness Center? […]

Alabama World War II prisoner of war camps reclaim spotlight

“For not with swords loud clashing, Nor roll of stirring drums; With deeds of love and mercy, The heavenly kingdom comes,” so Ruth Beaumont Cook introduces her book Guests Behind the Barbed Wire. That thought, from Ernest Warburton Shurtleff’s hymn “Lead On O King Eternal,” echoes throughout Cook’s work. The Ohio native and nearly 40-year Alabama resident offers insight into […]

Mountain lions in Blount County?

There is nothing more likely to get the stories rolling than a report of a mountain lion- or bear-sighting in Blount County. Stories of mountain lion- and bear-sightings have been told at coffee shops, church, family get-togethers, and at dinner tables for as long as I can remember. Most recent reports have been of a mountain lion spotted in the […]

Alabama Scene

'President Kennedy was shot today' AP bulletin, Nov. 22, 1963 12:37 p.m. CST

In the early afternoon of May 18, 1963, a young newspaper reporter not yet out of college, I was walking up a path behind the administration building at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s offices in Muscle Shoals interviewing President John F. Kennedy. The President was in Alabama to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the TVA. He had spoken earlier in Nashville, […]

Clearly Speaking

When should you sell an investment?

At certain points in the portfolio management process, you may decide that you should rebalance or even redesign your portfolio. Either choice may require that you sell some or all of your investment holdings. However, you shouldn’t take the decision to sell lightly, and you should carefully consider the timing of any sale. An important part of successful portfolio management […]

From the Archives

From The Southern Democrat, November 30, 1972

Men charged in larceny Chief Earl Fortenberry says he is reasonably certain the thefts the town has been experiencing in recent weeks will cease now that two youths, one 21 and the other 23, have been arrested. Policemen Harold Livingston and Nathan Livingston, fatherson pair, caught the two in process of burglarizing a car at Oneonta High School during the […]

Reader writes

'Someone cheering for me'

I attended the Veterans Day Program at Oneonta High School and would like to thank the students, faculty and staff for putting on a super program. The students especially made the day worthwhile starting with meeting the Veterans outside with umbrellas because of the rain to standing and cheering for us as we walked down the aisle of the auditorium […]