Blount County CPR organizes to receive former inmates

11,000 to be released statewide this year, according to ADECA

The first meeting of the Blount County Community Partnership for Recovery and Reentry (CPR) was a resounding success, according to organizer Ray Sport, with nearly 30 people attending, as well as a dozen churches and a half dozen or more state, regional, and local agencies represented. A number of participants spoke, some on the official program and others extemporaneously. Ken […]

Joy !

When the morning sun spills over the gingko tree, its leaves are a breathtaking, joyful yellow, the happy color repeated on the underlying carpet. The critics chided Joyce Kilmer for his illogical poem, but it’s hard to deny the first lines: “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree,” or little else, for that matter. […]

Counties agree on road maintenance

Blount County shares a common boundary with St. Clair County for about 25 miles along its southeastern border, from the Etowah County line north of U.S. 231 to the Jefferson County line about two miles south of the Pine Mountain Volunteer Fire Station at its southern and western extremity. About 20 miles of that distance is traversed by a road […]

Commission will hold quarterly evening work sessions to test public participation

The Blount County Commission voted Nov. 12 to continue the meeting schedule that it has followed for the last several years, with one exception. One of the three quarterly work sessions will be held at night. The change responds to some citizens’ concerns at being unable to get off work to attend daytime meetings. If the quarterly night sessions improve […]

Resignations accepted from Cleveland and Hayden coaches

Blount County Board of Education

The resignations of football coaches Anthony Reid (Cleveland) and Shane Howard (Hayden) were accepted during the regular meeting of the Blount County Board of Education earlier this month. Reid posted a record of 21-30 in five years at Cleveland while Howard was 17- 44 in six years at Hayden. Neither team made the playoffs this year as Hayden finished 2-8 […]


In this week’s B section, the article about the OFFER Christmas Home Tour contains an error. The address for the Larsen home at Limestone Springs should be 57 Carnoustie Lane.

Return of a landmark

The Hornet's Nest

Officials from Blount County and the town of Locust Fork were on hand for the grand opening of the new Hornet’s Nest at Locust Fork. Pictured are, from left, county commissioner Waymon Pitts, Locust Fork councilman Brandon Quinn, Probate Judge David Standridge, owner Gregg Armstrong, restaurant manager Penny Causey, owner Jeff Hallmark, chamber of commerce president Charles Carr, Locust Fork […]

Oneonta BP station robbed

The Oneonta Police Department is investigating the weekend robbery of an Oneonta convenience store. Oneonta police chief James Chapman said a black male entered the Oneonta BP station on U.S. 231 Friday evening and purchased candy with change. Later, the man returned to the store, showed the female clerk a pistol, and took the cash drawer. Chapman said that video […]

All things Early American

Mike Etheredge of Hayden is pictured with the part of his extensive collection of Early American and Indian artifacts that he recently displayed in the Blount County Memorial Museum in Oneonta. Some items he replicated with the help of a friend, Ruth Charlier, but most are authentic. In the display were tomahawks, knives, and leather goods he fashioned. The peace […]

Palisades Yellowwood state champ

By virtue of the modest metal plaque standing in front of the smooth, mottled, gray-barked tree in the foreground, this Yellowwood in Palisades Park was proclaimed the state champion tree for its species. The species Cladrastis kentuckea is characterized by its brilliant yellow fall color and large, wisteria-like white blooms, up to 12 inches or more long and half as […]