2008-10-22 E-Edition

‘Those who wish to drink are already doing so’

My fellow Blount Countians: My name is Lawrence Roland Kester. I have always believed that all people are entitled to their own opinion, and they have every right to express it. The wet-dry referendum is an important issue. Most have approached it in a reasonable way and made a decision based on their personal belief. It was my intention to […]

‘My moral compass’

Almost everyone is familiar with people getting lost in the wilderness or at sea. A compass is the most important thing to carry with you as you travel unfamiliar places. It can mean the difference in life or death if you are lost long enough. I believe that we as a county have lost or forgotten our moral compass as […]

From the Archives

From The Southern Democrat, October 24, 1984

Susan Moore may get public housing A police department, recreational park, highway turn lane, and now a public housing are developing for Susan Moore because of the determination and tenacity of its town council and other residents. “Anything that will help our growth, we need it…and I’m for it,” Joel Ballard said at the regular meeting Oct. 15. Mayor T.R. […]

Clearly Speaking

Guaranteeing the stability of the U.S. banking system

Bank deposits are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Established in 1933 after the United States experienced a wave of bank failures, FDIC insurance is intended to reassure depositors and offer protection in case a bank becomes insolvent, is liquidated, or experiences other financial […]

Fire safety fun

Three-K and four-K classes of Smoke Rise Baptist Child Care pose in front of engine number two at a recent visit to Warrior Fire Department in observance of fire safety month. During the visit, firefighters stressed the importance of smoke detectors and making sure batteries are checked at least twice a year, as well as the importance of having and […]

Dessert galore!

TLC Nursing Center residents and staff recently enjoyed constructing a 12-foot banana split, which may have set a Blount County record. Residents involved in the event ranged in ages from 36 to 99. The mammoth dessert contained 28 large bananas, three-and-a-half gallons of ice cream, four large tubs of Cool Whip, an abundance of chocolate, caramel, and raspberry syrups, and […]

Parade float for home-schoolers

Organizers of the Veterans Day parade in Oneonta are calling on area public schools to enter floats in the Nov. 8 event. And why not include the numerous home-schooled students? Diana Hamby home-schools her daughter and thinks the inclusion of other students like Myka would enrich their total educational experience. Home-schoolers already engage in most of the extracurricular activities that […]

Hayden teachers raise money to fight cancer

Faculty members from all four Hayden schools earlier this month dressed in casual clothes to raise money in the fight against breast cancer. The Lee jeans company sponsors the event – Lee National Denim Day – which began in 1996. Since then, millions of dollars have been raised by employees who pay their employers $5 each for permission to wear […]

J.B. Pennington High School receives deed to new property

Rep. Jeremy Oden presents a deed to J.B. Pennington principal Craig Sosebee and Blount County Superintendent Jim Carr. The deed is for 11 acres of property the system purchased for $55,000 through funds made available by Oden. The property, located adjacent to the the football practice field on Park Drive, will be the site of a track facility that would […]