Covered Bridge Festival kicks off next week

Update from the chamber of commerce

The Covered Bridge Festival is fast approaching. Vendors, entertainers, children’s activities, a car and motorcycle show, Barney Fife, and other activities will be in downtown Oneonta between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The golf tournament will be held at Heritage Green Oct. 23. Phone the chamber office if you are interested in entering a team ($55 per golfer or $220 […]

Which presidential candidate should I vote for?

The chart above is designed to help readers organize their thinking and make a rational decision about which ticket to vote for President/Vice President of the United States on Nov. 4. It doesn’t favor either ticket. It attempts to focus on major functions of national government, avoiding emotional issues. We suggest you try to avoid those emotional issues as well […]

Charge filed in Heritage vandalism

A charge of criminal mischief has been filed in connection to the vandalism that occurred at Heritage Golf Course in September. A 19-year-old Oneonta man has been charged and he is expected to turn himself in to the Oneonta Police Department today. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Sept. 6. Several golf carts were severely damaged, including […]

Clearly Speaking

When should you sell an investment?

At certain points in the portfolio management process, you may decide that you should rebalance or even redesign your portfolio. Either choice may require that you sell some or all of your investment holdings. However, you shouldn’t take the decision to sell lightly, and you should carefully consider the timing of any sale. An important part of successful portfolio management […]

From the Archives

From The Southern Democrat, October 20, 1932

Blount Convicts In Prison Break Two Blount County convicts were in the prison break at Speigner Sunday afternoon. Grover Shaddrix was among those who broke through the wall of the prison and Charley Dutton was slightly wounded in the riot which followed the shooting of a convict by the name of Carl Singleton. From newspaper reports it appears that the […]

‘Smoking kills more people than drinking’

I have no monetary gain if it goes wet and I will lose nothing if it stays dry. It is a money issue, and I am glad people have made the issue clear in the paper. You are absolutely right; it is all about money, yours and mine. Whether you drink or not. I personally think being a dry county […]

‘Say no to this type of filthy lucre’

A comment in last week’s paper stated that even Jesus, while here on earth changed water into wine at a wedding. In the gospel of John chapter 2 verses 1 through 12 you will see that He did just that. In the comment, the writer indicated it is therefore all right to sell and consume alcohol, which I beg to […]

‘Do you not see the anguish?’

On Mr. Greg Cornelius’s comments in the last few issues of The Blount Countian on his wet referendum – Why is he using our children to get his message across? These are our dearest possessions and should not have any place in an alcohol issue. Alcohol and drugs are devastating our society. Stopping by after work for a few drinks, […]

Citizen urges caution on wording of amendment 4

(Before you go to vote on Nov. 4) please take time to read Statewide Amendment 4 and make yourself aware how this will affect Blount County. If you read the sample ballot, proposed Statewide Amendment 4 reads as follows: “Relating to Blount County, proposing an amendment to the constitution of 1901, to prohibit any municipality that is not wholly or […]

Commissioner replies to citizen

It has been my policy not to respond to articles in the paper; however I must make an exception to the recent article by Wayne Ellis. (The Blount Countian, Oct. 1). Mr. Ellis states, “Now this commission by a three to one vote decides to do away with the compaction test for subdivisions.” That is wrong. If Mr. Ellis will […]