Rising health, fuel, asphalt costs coupled with flat revenues constrain 2009 budget

The following highlights are summarized from county administrator Chris Green’s comments on the 2009 fiscal year budget. •No COLA. The 2009 budget projects revenues for the coming year to be flat overall, and to decrease in the important gasoline tax category. Because of that, coupled with health care costs that continue to rise, the commission was unable to provide for […]

Clearly Speaking

Investment Risk

The past few weeks have been very trying for our economy. Many people have asked me about the different types of risk they may face by investing their money. Here are a few of the many different types of risk: Market risk: This refers to the possibility that an investment will lose value because of a general decline in financial […]

From the Archives

From The Southern Democrat, Oct. 6, 1927

House Burns The residence of Homer Woodard, on route 2 Oneonta, was destroyed by fire last Thursday afternoon. The origin of the fire is unknown. Mr. Woodard was away from home at the time and members of his family were in the field picking cotton. Most of Mr. Woodard’s personal effects and clothing were burned with very few saved. We […]

‘Alcohol sales to help our schools?’

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor in the Sept. 24 edition of The Blount Countian entitled “Do we want our kids … Fundraising?” by Greg Cornelius. Mr. Cornelius implies that we need to approve Blount County to be wet to generate thousands of tax dollars off the sale of alcohol for our schools. He also […]

‘What kind of commissioners do we have?’

Our elected county commissioners have served at least one four-year term or more as men responsible for spending our tax dollars in Blount County. These men now in office and others before them have worked and changed the subdivision rules and regulations several times through the years to try to improve roads to meet the correct specification before officials would […]

Coach needed for Hayden soccer team

I commend Hayden High School, Amy Cutcliff (art teacher), and any other school personnel who are directly responsible for attempting to start a soccer program at the high school. This is extremely honorable, courageous, and a true showing of what faculty can do to promote the well-being of our children. You are putting the interest of our children first by […]

‘Wine associated with joy and glad tidings’

Weddings in ancient times often lasted many days. Twelve miles west of the Sea of Galilee approximately 2000 years ago a marriage feast occurred. Let us not forget, the wedding guests drank wine. When they eventually ran out of wine, a guest at the wedding performed his first miracle. Some purport that wine is not to be consumed, and that […]

‘Do we want our county wet or dry?’

Afer seeing how the wet/dry referendum is being pushed for the sales of alcohol in our fine county, we have become concerned whether the people really know what they would be getting themselves into if we allow the sale of alcohol in our back door. First off, those pushing for the wet votes are promising that the money will go […]

Letters welcome

The Blount Countian welcomes letters from readers and invites them to express their views on matters of public interest. Writers should sign their letters and give the name of the post office that serves them. The newspaper reserves the right to shorten or otherwise edit submissions and to decline to publish those that offensively and libelously criticize others, make patently […]

Commission passes record 2009 budget of $17 million

In a three-to-one vote, the county commission Tuesday voted to approve the 2009 fiscal year budget as developed in a series of three meetings during September. Voting to approve the $17,012,853 budget were commissioners Cochran, Pitts and Ryan. District 2 Commissioner Robert Bullard opposed passage. “I can’t go along with the road budget because it’s based on percentages instead of […]