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2017-04-19 / People

Fundraising for Molly Grace

by Cheryl Helton

Molly Grace Register has missed out on so much over the past nine months. She had so many plans for her senior year at Oneonta High School.

All of those hopes and dreams quickly faded when she began having seizures in August of last year.

Despite her unrelenting and daily battle with seizures, she continues to have a positive outlook as she anxiously awaits graduation and traveling to Florida to complete two weeks of training with her newly-assigned service dog, Baloo.

After numerous tests at UAB and the Mayo Clinic, the doctors still are unable to find what is causing her seizures. Molly Grace is no longer taking medication and has made several lifestyle changes to possibly help cope with the seizures. Even an everyday activity such as a hot shower will trigger a seizure.

The chief pediatric neurologist at the Mayo Clinic explained to the family as the brain being both “mysterious and miraculous.” He explained Molly Grace’s condition to her parents in layman’s terms as such, “If you think of the brain as a computer, Molly Grace has a software bug and we are not able to find it.”

Although the answers are not clear at this time as to why Molly Grace has seizures, the family’s faith remains strong. They realize that “God’s perfect timing” has allowed them to locate a fully trained service dog for Molly Grace in a very short time.

Baloo, a two-and-a-half-year-old Labradoodle, has been trained as a service dog since birth. Amazingly, he will be able to alert Molly Grace up to 20 minutes prior to her experiencing a seizure and these few minutes will enable her to be in a safe place when the seizures begin.

Fundraising efforts are currently underway to help pay for the two-and-a-half years of training Baloo has already received. Donations will also help the family with expenses of traveling to Orlando for Molly Grace’s training with her service dog.

Time is of the essence for Molly Grace. As heat seems to be a trigger for her seizures and Central Florida is definitely known as a “hot spot,” the sooner she travels there to train with Baloo, the better it will be for her physically.

In a few short weeks, Molly Grace anticipates beginning her fall semester at Judson College. Baloo will be by her side and give her a boost of confidence as her college years begin.

For those wanting to make a contribution to help with Molly Grace’s expenses, an account has been set up at Cadence Bank, at, and the sale of “Bring Baloo Home” T-shirts is also underway. T-shirts are $20 and order forms are available at J & M Pharmacy.

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