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2017-04-19 / News

OPD chief on the job

by Cheryl Helton

With the first week under his belt, Oneonta Police Chief Charles Clifton said, “It was very positive for me. I have received an acceptance and reinforcement that I’ve never experienced before. I’m very blessed to be a part of it.”

Clifton also said, “The department has a very forward way of thinking. The police department and the community function phenomenally.”

While no major changes have taken place over the past week, Clifton did say he has begun discussion with officers about the development of a “Community/Police Partnership.”

This partnership would involve community members and officers meeting at local businesses and allowing the community to give the department feedback and suggestions.

Although Clifton understands there may be some venting that takes place at these meetings, he believes this is important for the public and that the feedback helps fuel the department.

Clifton and his family are continuing the process of settling into the county, but he said his family “is very happy, because I’m happy.”

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