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2017-02-15 / People

Analog on Third is open

by Rachel Dean

Analog on Third is the brainchild of owners Brad and Lea White. It is a top-notch recording studio in downtown Oneonta located at 210 Third Street South.

Brad White graduated from Oneonta High School where he was a member of the marching and symphonic bands as a trumpeter. So, he knows more than most about music and its sound quality.

Brad has a degree in entertainment and media production from the University of North Alabama, and he worked in several other recording studios before opening his own. He even worked with Johnny Sandlin, who did some early work with the Allman Brothers. But, how did White end up with his own recording studio?

White and his wife have been fans of Smashing Pumpkins lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Corgan for as long as they can remember. They were both in Chicago at Corgan’s tea house, Madam Zuzu’s. White saw Lea from across the room and slipped into the seat beside her as soon as a man sitting beside her got up. The two had a great conversation, talking about their love for Corgan, but the night ended and White didn’t ask for her number.

Later in his hotel, he heard a familiar voice in the hallway. White opened his door, and Lea was standing outside his door. They found out they had hotel rooms right across from each other. They kept in touch and were married in October of 2016.

Their first client turned out to be none other than Billy Corgan. He was filming a documentary called “30 Days” visiting small recording studios across the nation. Corgan is turning 50, and he is putting out a box set of 50 songs, some chosen by his fans. The Whites were among the first people to hear and record some of these songs.

But, that’s not the end of the recording studio. It’s only the beginning. They have two more clients booked and are looking for more. They can sell studio time with the best equipment money can buy for your next superstar. It’s a great place to make a demo to send to record labels, and they are working on other ways to fill up studio time. For more information, you can find them on their Facebook page at Analog on Third.

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