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2010-07-21 / News

FLFR appeals to public to pass on love for river

‘Water is Life’
by Cindy Lowry

(Editor’s note: The following is taken from a letter written on behalf of the Friends of the Locust Fork River and its efforts to teach young people to value and love the river and, as they become adults, to become its protectors. Cindy Lowry, the writer and a graduate of Oneonta High School and Auburn University, is a member of the FLFR Board of Directors and executive director of the Alabama Rivers Alliance.

Lowry appeals to FLFR members to renew their memberships, to nonmembers to join the organization, and to anyone else to make a donation toward its works. Checks may be mailed to FLFR, P.O. Box 245, Hayden, AL 35079.)

As a child growing up in Blount County, I spent some of the most memorable times with my family fishing and swimming in the Locust Fork River. At the time, I didn’t know about things like pollution or dams that were threatening the life of the river. I wasn’t taught in school about environmental issues. I just knew that I loved being outside and I loved the thrill of reeling in a fish and feeling the cool waters of the river run across my feet.

Today, even more children are living around the beautiful Locust Fork River, but they are growing up in a different world than I did. They are growing up in a world where we as a society are finally realizing that our impact on nature is taking too great a toll on our planet. From our drinking water to the fish we eat, we are contaminating the natural resources we rely on for life.

Friends of the Locust Fork River is taking an active role in the environmental education of future generations of decision-makers. Over the past year, FLFR volunteers have worked with teachers, administrators, and students in schools across Blount County. We’re helping develop many educational recreational programs to bring awareness about the importance of this valuable water resource in our community. Some of the activities we have participated in include:

•Day on the River: our award winning on-the-river classroom for “kids of all ages.”

•Day at the Fork: an educational program for teachers led by Locust Fork teacher Marcia Butler. FLFR volunteers got teachers from all across north central Alabama out on the river – and wet!

•River of Words: a poetry and art contest for primary students in Blount County.

•Blount County Ground Water Festival: teaching fourth graders that water quality starts in our homes, yards, and farms.

The Friends of the Locust Fork River ... is committed to educating a new generation of river lovers and conservationists who will help us protect the river for many years to come ...

Water is Life.

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