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2009-12-30 / Letters

‘What happened to... perfect county?’

What happened to this so-called perfect county? It seems like you can’t even walk outside your door or pick up a newspaper without hearing something so unnerving about Blount County, whether it is about the people of Cleveland, the Christmas lights in Cleveland, Swann Bridge, or Highway 160.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Highway 160 needs to be fixed and problems corrected. If that includes widening them and putting up guard rails then so be it. And if it ever gets a makeover and widened, I don’t think that it will cause any more crime or accidents like some want to believe. It may be for the best.

I think all the highways in Blount County need something done to them. For example, Highway 13. People are now driving and shooting guns from their automobiles. The highway is in need of repaving and speed-limit signs need to be posted. People drive on this highway going way over 45 MPH, especially at night, not even considering the deer that cause most of the accidents on this road and not to mention checking your mailbox and being afraid someone will run over you because they will not slow down. So I’m all for Highway 160 being corrected and made safer.

Blount County is known for the covered bridges, and it seems they are going to be a thing of the past because no one cares about them anymore. Swann Bridge needs to be repaired and reopened. People live on that road, and they have to go out of their way because the bridge is closed.

And for the people who live in the Town of Cleveland: They need to get their act together and stop acting like children. There are lawsuits flying in every direction with adults threatening others and stealing and damaging property; some may go to jail or possibly get hurt or killed over stupid things. The ones causing all the chaos because people are not doing things legal are the ones doing what I mentioned above, which is illegal. Before it’s all over with, the Town of Cleveland may turn into a ghost town and everyone will either end up dead or in jail.

You all use your children as an excuse when things heat up in this county, saying that it’s all for them and keeping them safe. The parents are supposed to be good role models for their children and teach them from right and wrong. So the next time when someone says it’s for the children, we all know that isn’t true. As I recall in the past year when the wet/dry issue came about, most of you didn’t want it to go wet because it would bring crime and other problems to the county. But as you can see now, it does not take a wet county to have crime and other problems in it.

And I didn’t even mention about the other places in this county that have problems that most of us don’t know about or are just in denial about. So this so-called perfect county that most of you say we live in DOESN’T exist. No one is perfect, and neither is this county.

Everyone needs to work together to get things done to make this county worth living in, and it seems that no one wants to take the time and money to do so. They just want the money in their own pockets. Everyone needs to remember that Rome was not built in a day, and it will take time.
Alan Pate
Locust Fork

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